Orange is one of the most consumed fruits in the world and, although many do not know, its peel is the source of a wide variety of nutrients that are good for health.

For many people it is almost instinctive to throw it away. Nevertheless, it has been shown to have many properties whose effects on the body prevent the development of various diseases.

Even if its taste is not as pleasant as that of pulp or juice, its active compounds are sufficient to include it in our diet.

Although it is slightly bitter, there are many recipes to which it can be added for a delicate citrusy touch.

For this reason, we want to talk about 8 interesting medicinal properties of orange peel that will surely be useful for you.

1. Orange peel prevents cholesterol

The phytochemicals and flavonoids contained in the orange peel make it a natural remedy against imbalances in cholesterol levels.

These antioxidants clean the arteries and prevent the formation of lipid plaque, which causes obstructions and clots.

Orange peel also promotes cardiovascular health, since it reduces the risk of suffering from hypertension, heart attacks and strokes.

2. Orange peel fights acidity

The active compounds contained in this ingredient provide an alkaline effect which helps reduce stomach acid.

Its consumption, in the form of a shake or tea, balances the digestive pH and reduces the excessive formation of acids when digestive problems occur.

In case of severe and repetitive acidity, it is recommended to take orange peel every day for 20 days.

3. Orange peel relieves digestive problems

It is estimated that every 100 grams of orange peel will add 10.6 grams of dietary fiber, an essential nutrient to improve digestive health.

Its regular intake speeds up slow intestinal transit and promotes the elimination of waste substances from the colon.

It is one of the best natural remedies to avoid irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and inflammatory problems.

As if this were not enough, orange peel provides a calming and it has positive effects on the bacterial flora that protects the intestine.

4. Orange peel is antibacterial

The natural extracts of this ingredient concentrate numerous amounts of phenolic compounds and antioxidants which, in turn, give it antimicrobial and bactericidal properties.

Taken by mouth or for topical use, it can fight a number of pathogenic bacteria, including Escherichia coli or Listeria monocytogenes.

5. Orange peel prevents and fights respiratory diseases

Orange peel contains up to 10 times more vitamin C than fruit juice and it is therefore one of the best allies to strengthen the immune system.

This antioxidant nutrient prevents the proliferation of viruses and bacteria and reinforces the defense mechanisms by preventing respiratory diseases such as:

● Bronchitis

● Cold

● Fever

● Allergies

● Asthma

● Lung cancer

6. Orange peel improves dental health

Chewing orange peel is an habit that allows:

● To refresh the breath.

● To eliminate bacteria.

● To avoid unsightly yellow spots.

Orange peel contains extracts and essential oils that create a protective barrier against the harmful effects of bacterial plaque and associated infections.

Orange peel is also recommended for patients with dental sensitivity, as its daily application reduces its symptoms.

Orange peel can be grated and used as a toothpaste or rubbed directly on the teeth.

7. Orange peel helps to lose weight

This ingredient is low in calories, it contains fiber and it has detoxifying properties that help you lose weight.

Its consumption, in the form of tea or in other recipes, promotes the processes of purification of the body and prolongs the feeling of satiety by stopping the excessive intake of calories.

8. Orange peel improves the appearance of the skin

On an aesthetic level, orange peel brings as many benefits that you can take advantage of. Its high intake of vitamin C reduces the presence of spots and other unsightly signs typical of premature aging.

Thanks to its extracts, the orange peel helps us to lighten and cover those small changes that occur due to exposure to the sun, burns or toxins.

Its infusion serves as a natural skin tonic, as it purifies the pores in depth. Thus, orange peel avoids the formation of blackheads and pimples.

As you can see, the orange peel, which we usually throw away, is an excellent ally of health. Grate it, add it to your teas and enjoy its exotic flavor by including it in your recipes.