Did you know that dehydrated mandarin orange peel is a great resource, rich in health benefits? The peel of citrus fruits can be reused in a thousand ways, in the kitchen or to make our home more fragrant and welcoming.

The important thing is choosing organic and untreated fruits, especially if we have to use their skins for food and for health.

Preparing dehydrated mandarin orange peels

Preparing the dehydrated mandarin orange peels is very simple. Simply peel the mandarins accurately. With a peeler the operation will be facilitated. Then dehydrate them by placing them near a radiator or a stove, in a low-temperature oven or when cooking other foods, or else thanks to a dryer. Depending on subsequent uses you have to made, you will not have to do anything else but cut into strips or reduce them to powder with the kitchen mixer. Even a coffee mill can be a suitable tool. Depending on the chosen drying method, it will take about 10 to 24 hours to obtain dehydrated mandarin peels. Dehydrated mandarin orange peels can be stored without problems for months in a well-closed glass jar, to be stored in a cool place and protected from light.

The health benefits

1) Vitamins and antioxidants. The mandarin orange peels are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which protect us from the harmful effects of free radicals. Antioxidants help us to maintain our health longer and guarantee a better quality of life.

2) Fibers. Dehydrated mandarin orange peels are rich in fibers that help our intestines to perform their movements on a regular basis. In addition, fibers contribute to lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels. They can also help prevent heart problems and colon cancer. The benefits of dehydrated mandarin orange peels against cholesterol have attracted the attention of experts from the US Department of Agriculture, which has made them the subject of study in collaboration with a group of Canadian researchers.

3) Anti-inflammatory. Mandarin orange peels are a real natural anti-inflammatory. Their beneficial properties are judged useful for preventing the aging of our body, inflammation and the onset of serious diseases. All this, obviously, accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, legumes and grains.

How to use mandarin orange peels in the kitchen

Some simple ideas to use citrus peel in the kitchen concern the preparation of both sweet and savory recipes. Dehydrated citrus peels are a real magic powder to flavor every kind of dessert, from cakes, biscuits, puddings, to filling creams, and also drinks. Citrus peels perfectly replace the vials of flavorings for sweets and you just need small amounts to get a delicious fragrance. They are also suitable for seasoning dishes such as fruit salads or mixed seasonal salads, but also in stews and in the preparation of accompanying sauces for second courses.

Natural cosmetics and potpourri

You can use dehydrated mandarin orange peels for the preparation of your homemade natural cosmetics. They will be used to give a good scent to the creams for the hands, for the face and for the body. In addition, the magic powder obtained thanks to the dehydrated mandarin orange peel is excellent for a delicate scrub to be dedicated to the face or body, alone or in addition to other ingredients, such as sugar or almond flour. Dehydrated mandarin orange peels are also fabulous in the potpourri to perfume the rooms of the house and the wardrobes.

Tisane with dehydrated mandarin peels

One of the most interesting uses for dehydrated mandarin peels is the preparation of an herbal tea rich in health benefits. After letting the mandarin orange peels dry naturally, and having cut them into small pieces, pour two teaspoons into a cup, fill the cup with boiling water and let it brew for a couple of minutes. Then filter, let it cool and enjoy the drink. As for the dehydrated mandarin orange peels in powder, you can add them in small quantities in the preparation of your usual tea or other herbal teas, as a natural flavoring with a citrus flavor.