Mandarin orange is a very precious fruit, smaller than an orange, sweet and juicy it provides many useful substances to our organism. But do you know that even the peels should never be thrown away? Here's how to use them in the treatment of some small health problems.

Given its many properties, few calories and almost always pleasant taste, mandarin orange is a great snack for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Often we make the mistake of consuming mandarin oranges amd throwing away the peels, in fact these contain precious essential oils (not by chance they are often used in the perfume industry and in skin care products).

Mandarin oranges peels can help our body in different situations as long as they are untreated. In fact, it is necessary to avoid using mandarin oranges that are cultivated in a traditional way, on which traces of pesticides can be found, which even the washing with water and bicarbonate cannot help to eliminate.

The peels of these small citrus fruits help to keep cholesterol and blood sugar at bay, improve digestive functions and much more. Then, let’s find out when and how we can use them.



Mandarin orange peels can help in case of bronchitis. Add two tablespoons of peel in a glass of boiling water, leave for an hour and then filter and drink. The infusion thus obtained can be taken 3 times a day to promote healing.


Even in the case of a cough in which the bronchi are not involved, the beneficial effects of mandarin oranges peels can be exploited. After having dried the skins by breaking them into small pieces, they should be added in the dose of two tablespoons in a glass of hot water, leaving them to rest in a cool place for a week. Once the time has elapsed, the skins are filtered and of the liquid kept aside you must take 20 drops in water before each meal, then 3 times a day until completely cured.

Closed nose

In the case of nasal congestion pour some fresh mandarin orange peels in a large bowl with boiling water and breathe the steam that comes out for at least 10 minutes. In short, it is a classic treatment but in this case made with a more original ingredient than the classic eucalyptus, tea tree oil or thyme.

Digestive problems

Dry the mandarin orange peels and then chop finely to obtain a powder that can be added as desired on different foods, thus helping digestion, avoiding stomach ache and flatulence.

Funguses and mycosis

If there is a problem of funguses appearing on the feet or on the hands, you can try mandarin orange peels as a remedy for a natural treatment. Simply wipe the affected area of the skin for at least a week twice a day.

Tiredness and insomnia

The mandarin orange has relaxing power, which is why the peels can be used even in case of physical exhaustion or problems of insomnia. They should be placed inside a cotton cloth keeping them close to them and breathing their aroma when needed for at least 15 minutes. In some cases they also contribute to relieving headaches.

Tachycardia and stress

Always taking advantage of their relaxing qualities, mandarin orange peels can also be used in hot baths to relieve tachycardia and stress. Just add to 3 liters of water a glass of fresh mandarin peels, boil them and let them rest for an hour. After filtering you can use the infusion inside a hot bath where you can dive for at least 20 minutes every day.


Dehydrated mandarin orange peels are rich in fibers that help our intestines to be regular. You can therefore consume in various ways of course inside an overall healthy and balanced diet and combined with a good dose of water daily.

Aging prevention

The mandarin orange peels are anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, consuming them can therefore help prevent the aging of the organism and diseases that arise from inflammatory processes.

Vitamin deficiency

The peels of these citrus fruits are rich in beneficial vitamins for our body, so we can put them more often in our diet in the form of powder to add to our favorite dishes or in tisane.