How To Preserve The Nutritional Benefits Of Orange Juice

Orange juice is a great delicacy with many great benefits. It contains a lot of vitamin c but this nutrient is a delicate one that can be affected by how the orange or juice is handled.

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Orange juice is known as one of the best sources of Vitamin C. It's best stored in the refrigerator because the cool atmosphere will help the juice retain more Vitamin C.

Covered, refrigerated orange juice is said to retain more vitamin C than juice that's stored uncovered or left at room temperature.

This is because Vitamin C is naturally delicate and can be destroyed when it gets in contact with heat or air.

It is due to this reason that the amount of vitamin C in orange juice that is not immediately consumed decreases by about 40% compared to the whole fruit.


Covering orange juice reduces the amount of oxygen it comes into contact with. Such contact causes vitamin C loss so uncovered orange juice can be lower in Vitamin C.

Vitamin C oxidizes when it is exposed to heat or air. Once it oxidizes, it will no longer provide any benefit to the body, and this is why proper storage is crucial.

If you make orange juice and will not be drinking it immediately, it is best covered and stored in a refrigerator to prevent vitamin loss.

Of course this method can not keep the vitamins forever intact and as time passes, they will slowly get oxidized.

If it is the fresh orange fruit you wish to consume, make sure that you do so fresh. Also ensure you eat it as you peel it to prevent any loss to the room temperature.

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