Read on to know the certain nitty-gritty about lobsters!

Lobster is an expensive delicacy, which if done right is lip-smacking. This shellfish is best eaten if caught fresh. Here are tips to help you pick the best lobster always.

Always pick a live lobster and not a dead or sluggish one. Dead lobster must be eaten within at the most 8 hours of killing as these crustaceans release an enzyme which makes their flesh mushy.

Storing the lobster in the water tank for a long time makes them hungry and they tend to shrink, which reduces the amount of their meat.

Pick lobster with long antennae as starving lobster tend to eat each other and their antennae.

All lobsters turn red on cooking because of the presence of carotenoid pigment astaxanthin, which turns hard-shelled lobsters brick red in color and soft-shelled lobster bright red.

Lobsters are sluggish in cold weather and early spring, which also makes them hard to catch. So, you can most easily pick lobsters during the spring and summer season. Soft-shelled lobster provides lesser meat than their hard-shelled counterparts.

Soft-shelled lobsters are also sweeter and hard-shelled ones are saltier in taste.

It is best to put lobsters in the freezer for about 20 minutes before you kill them in a more “humane” way.