Everyone’s favorite all over the world, pizza is one of the most loved food with a wide range of variations and innumerable customized versions. Even though we have been enjoying delicious pizzas since long, we bet you would not be aware of these unique trivia regarding pizza.

Thin crust, thick crust, deep dish, square pizza, New York style or cheese burst, everyone has their own favorites. These four variations of pizza base pretty much sum the entire range of pizza eaten throughout the world. And, we haven’t even started listing the choices of pizza toppings people choose from…

You would be amazed to know some really fascinating things about pizza, which we are sure you might not know yet even though you have been enjoying this delicious bread topped with generous quantities of cheese, and your favorite toppings, since decades!

Researchers have found that people have been enjoying pizza since almost forever and the idea of baking a flat bread with toppings have been around for an equally long duration. But, the Neapolitans of Italy proudly credit themselves of inventing pizza. They are correct in claiming this as around the sixth century B.C.E. Persian soldiers used to eat flat bread with dates and cheese, but the people of Naples were the first ones to top flat bread with tomatoes in the sixteenth century. So, the Neapolitans actually perfected the way pizza is eaten in the world today. In the old times, a pizza was the food of the poor because it was cheap to prepare, very filling and could be eaten while on the move. It is popularly known that pizza became popular outside the Naples in the year 1889, when a baker named Raffaele Esposito, prepared three versions of pizzas for Queen Margherita, and her husband King Umberto I when they were touring Italy. The queen loved the one with tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese, which happen to resemble the Italian flag. It was then Esposito, named that version of pizza after, which was popularized as Margherita pizza. BUT, pizza historians believe it is not true as Italy was unified in 1889 and it is quite unlikely that Neapolitan baker would go out of the way to please the “The Northern Conquers”. Pizza prepared in the US is way different from the one prepared in Italy, as Italian pizza crust is more often thinner and not heavily loaded with toppings. The Hawaiian pizza was invented by Sam Panopoulos, a Canadian citizen who was originally from Greece. In the year 1962, he decided to put some ham and pineapple over a pizza in Ontario and the trend caught up ever since.