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8 tips to choose the meat correctly

Here are the tips that can help you pick the best meat cuts from now on.

By Cookist

Read on to know how you can pick the best meat cuts from the shop!

We all enjoy meat and chicken, provided they are cooked perfectly. One of the most important reasons for the meat to cook well is to buy the freshest and most perfect cuts of the meat to go well with the food preparation that you are planning to serve. Here are the tips that can help you pick the best meat cuts from now on.

Feel it


The cold meat should be firm to touch and dense in texture.

It should be red in color

Red color should be predominated throughout the piece of the meat and it should be easily visible on it. Meat should also not be brown, grey, or green in color.



Grass-fed cows give the tastiest and best quality of meat.

Purpose of cooking

You must be aware of the time available to prepare and cook the meat cuts. Also, the cheaper the meat is, the longer it takes to cook.

Presence of fat


A well-marbled cut of meat has fat deposits interspread all over it. However, too much fat deposit or an excessively marbled meat cut can turn tough upon cooking.

Age of the animal

The meat from older animals is yellowish in color and has a deeper taste. While the meat from younger animals is whitish in color and has a more delicate taste.



Cheap meat cuts are often loaded with salty water and are difficult to cook so it is instead sensible to pick an expensive meat cut even though the cut may be smaller in size.

Talk to the butcher

It always helps to be friends with the butcher as he or she will then advise you regarding the best cuts to purchase.

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