Chocolate is synonymous with happiness and happy times. Read on to know how to preserve and enjoy the chocolates correctly so that these stay good for the longest time!

You will be surprised to know that many of us are not eating the chocolates correctly! Here is an insight in to how to savor the flavor of chocolates in the best way possible and store them correctly.

Never store chocolates in the fridge. Storing chocolates in the fridge do not prolong its shelf life. Also, refrigerating the chocolates make it time consuming to eat it or use them in various food preparations.

Rub the chocolates before eating. Yes, it may sound a bit weird but according to a Chicago based luxury chocolate boutique, press your thumb to the chocolate before eating it to soften it a bit and release some of its natural aromas.


Smell it first. You must always smell and look at the chocolate before eating it. This prepares you mentally before taking the actual bite and sensitizes you with the lovely aroma of the chocolate.

Break it before eating. You should either snap the chocolate or break it in to pieces before eating. Snapping the chocolate helps to evaluate the amount and quality of cocoa butter used to make it and access the tempering quality and fineness of the size of chocolate particles.


Take a small bite first. You must always take a small bite of chocolate first before eating as it sensitizes the palate for the chocolate eating experience, as recommended by the professionals.

Do not chew the chocolate. Chocolate is not meant to be chewed. You should instead press it on the roof of your mouth, suck, and let it melt for as long as it can. This will open up variously hidden complexities of the chocolate and make the chocolate eating experience last longer.

Do not mix chocolates. Eating so many varieties of chocolates at once will blur the taste buds and make it a routine job than pleasing experience.

Do not drink immediately. Drinking anything after eating chocolate will take away the amazing chocolatey flavor from your mouth and cut down your chocolate enjoyment time!