Read on to know about many ways to eat clean!

Clean eating is a great way to intentionally and regularly eat natural foods instead of finding alternatives in packaged and boxed ones. By eating clean you not only save money but also skip mindless consumption of unhealthy calories, sugar, salt, and saturated fats.

Here are certain ways that can help you eat clean and stay healthy.

Whole grains

Consume whole-grain pasta and bread, oatmeal, barley, millet, wild or brown rice, corn, and bulgur instead of white rice, white flour, white pasta, and other refined grains. Some studies support the consumption of whole grains to lower the risk of heart problems, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Fresh fruits and veggies

While eating fresh fruits and veggies is absolutely wonderful, you can still consider consuming them in canned and frozen form, in case you can’t find the former food option. Consume whole fruits instead of fresh or canned juices as the later has lesser fiber content but more sugars.

Salt and added sugars

Clean eating requires the consumption of natural foods that are low in salt and sugar content. This means, if you avoid intake of processed foods, your intake of added salt and sugar also goes down. Instead of unhealthy additives like salt and sugar choose spices and herbs to flavor your food and beverages.

Artificial ingredients

Clean eating advises preventing consumption of foods that contain artificial colors, preservatives, and sweeteners.


Sip on calorie-free water to hydrate your body instead of depending upon other drinks that are high in sugar or alcohol content. Apart from that, water also helps to curb hunger, relieve fatigue, and energize your body.


Some clean eaters completely prevent caffeine consumption. But, some dieters restrict caffeine intake to no more than 400mg per day, which is about 3-5 cups of coffee. In clean eating, no more than a serving of alcohol (for women) and two servings (for men) should be consumed.

Organic foods

Organic foods use natural pesticides to protect them instead of man-made ones, which clearly connects with clean eating practices.

Animal food

Some animals are fed growth hormones and antibiotics to increase their productivity. Clean eating prevents consuming these foods and rather supports the consumption of organic meat and dairy. Nuts, legumes, and beans are other food sources to meet the protein requirements while eating a clean diet.