8 unique ways to eat veggies

Read on to know about 8 surprising ways to incorporate this colorful food group in the regular diet.

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Vibrant and colorful vegetables are a very appealing food group. People who love veggies can even make desserts using them, think of carrot cake, and beetroot cookies. Vegetables are rich in nutrients, which makes it an extremely important food group. Right from weight loss to maintaining our health and keeping off deadly illnesses, vegetables play a critical role in shaping our health. This is why it has been advised that all of us should consume several servings of fresh veggies in various colors every day. Read on to know about 8 surprising ways to incorporate this colorful food group in the regular diet.

Vegetables are an excellent food group that not only helps to treat various illnesses but also protects us against severe health conditions. Here are some of the exciting ways to include vegetables in our daily cooking and create delicious meals in no time using them.

Soup base


Cook various veggies together to prepare an appetizing soup base. You can also add a few spices to the cooked vegetables and then enjoy it in the pureed form or as a broth, depending upon your requirements.

As vegetable-based pasta

You can add plenty of vegetables to your favorite pasta preparation or create noodles using the vegetables itself by using a spiralizer. This way, you can enjoy a healthy and low-calorie vegetable-based food preparation without spending big bucks.

Add vegetables to sauce preparations


Cook vegetables along with pizza or marinara sauce preparation to increase its nutrition content and create a healthier and yummier version of your favorite pizza or pasta dish.

Vegetable-based pizza crust

Use grated cauliflower as the pizza base and enjoy it in a unique low-carb avatar. This way, you can savor your pizza in an equally delicious cheesy preparation as the one which you eat regularly that is prepared with the wheat flour base.

In smoothies


Add kale, spinach, zucchini, pumpkin, beetroot, and sweet potato to various smoothie preparations and savor the health benefits of this nutrient-rich health beverage.

In casserole

Load your casserole preparations with piles of veggies along with cheese, rice or pasta, and meats to savor the health benefits of this nutrient-rich food group.

In wraps and burgers


Add plenty of crispy and fresh veggies to the burger bun and tortilla to give your dish a crunchier yet low-calorie twist. You can also use lettuce leaves as a replacement for the flour-based tortilla. Similarly, create bunless burgers by using vegetable slices instead of flour-based buns.

Other savory meals

Add plenty of veggies to omelet preparations, cooked oatmeal, kebab mixture, salads, guacamole, meatloaf mixture, and any other food preparation that you can imagine to make them appetizing, healthy, and colorful.

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