Are you finding it an uphill struggle to stick to your healthy eating plans? Did you know there are some clever ways of tricking yourself into doing it? By following these tips, you’ll hopefully find it much, much easier to eat healthily.

1. Keep Fruit and Other Healthy Items at the Front of the Fridge


You can change your snacking habits for the better simply by keeping fruits, vegetables and grains to the front of your refrigerator.

Nutritionists advise keeping healthy foods to the front of your fridge, and those that you want to eat less of towards the back. To make it easier to grab healthy fruits and veg quickly, wash them and store them in clear containers so you can easily eat them without having to wash them first.

Another advantage that storing fruits and veg at the front of the refrigerator has is that they are less likely to go bad from being kept too long. This is a common problem for people who are trying to eat healthily, and tends to put them off buying fruit and vegetables.

2. Wash and Chop as Soon as You get Home

Some nutritionists recommend washing and chopping your fruit and veg into bite-sized chunks as soon as you get back from the store. This will encourage you to eat the fruits rather than leave them. For instance, if you have a whole pineapple, you’re less likely to eat it if it’s not cut up into readily eatable pieces.

3. Prepare a Soup per Week

Another food prep hack is to prepare a soup for the week, and store the remainder in the freezer in clear bags, making sure as much air as possible is out of the bags so you’ll have plenty of room for other things.

4. Divide Your Fridge Into Sections

Most of us keep our fruits and veg in the salad crisper drawer of our refrigerator, but dividing your fridge into sections for different types of food can make it easier to grab the right things while cooking. Try having a separate section for children, so it makes it easier for them to grab a healthy snack after school.

5. Organize Your Kitchen

If you have a tidy, well organized kitchen, cooking healthily will come much easier to you, and the more appealing your kitchen is, the easier you will find it. Invest in some plates, bowls and mugs that you really like, and it will make eating your meal more like a ritual.

If you buy lots of Mason jars, your can stack your ingredients or leftovers, and because they are clear, you’re less likely to forget about them.

6. Don’t be too Hard on Yourself

We all have an indulgence that we really can’t shake, but nutritionists suggest limiting yourself to keeping only your favorite one in the house. That way, any midnight snack cravings can be limited – if you don’t have it there in the house, you can’t eat it.

7. Buy the Most Expensive Snack Option

Another tip is to buy the highest-quality, most expensive snack option you can – think of organic dark chocolate or raw honey. You are more likely to savor it because it tastes great, and because it’s so expensive. Really good, expensive dark chocolate is hard to eat very much of, because it tastes so rich that you are satisfied after a small amount.