In this article, we have compiled a few tips that will help you and your loved ones eat healthy without feeling stressed out or worried about all the things that you are doing wrong as regards your diet.

1. Don't deprive yourself

There is no need to limit yourself to only eating boring foods or feel ashamed when taking sweet treats. This pressure may only result in a food binge, so it is better to practice just a bit of defensive eating and cooking.

2. Cook from your heart — for your heart

Make cooking a pleasurable chore and consider who you are cooking for, whether it's just you or you have your loved ones around. This includes reviewing their personal preferences as well as health needs.

3. Draw a budget

Draw a budget before going shopping and make sure you don't do the task hungry so that the aroma of sweet treats won't lure you in.

One other thing you want to draw a budget plan for is how many calories you consume each day. You don't have to eat everything you're offered at parties!

4. Try out dancing!

One of the most excellent forms of exercising is dancing, and there will be lots of that as the holiday season begins. With or without a dancing partner, don your favorite dancing shoes and enjoy the beat.

Tip: Think you have two left feet and just can't dance? Take a walk instead!

5. Eat before going to a party

Never forget to eat before setting out for a party, whether it is a full-on meal or a light snack. The perfect pre-party snack includes apple slices with peanut butter or a slice of turkey and cheese on whole-wheat pita bread. These are sure to be filling as they combine complex carbohydrates with protein and unsaturated fats.

6. Remain distant from the food table at all times

Standing or sitting next to a full spread of food at a party will cause you to reach out whether you're filled or not. If you are especially fond of snacking, try chewing minty gum.

7. Wait 10 minutes before taking a second fill

It takes a few minutes of eating before you start feeling full. After finishing your first helping, take a 10-minute break and mindfully engage yourself by starting a conversation, watching a movie, or drinking water. After 10 minutes, check if you still feel hungry; if you do, you'll find that you only need a lesser amount.

8. Drink — but consider your health first

A glass of wine or mixed drinks averagely contains about 150 to 225 calories, while a glass of eggnog contains a whopping 500 calories. So be mindful of your intake.

Also, avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach; it may increase your appetite and lessen your control over your food intake.

9. Do a full check of the buffet table before helping yourself

At a buffet, check out all the food made available before starting to serve yourself. This can help you eat less.

10. Focus on the important things — your loved ones!

Holidays are set aside for you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Food is naturally a part of that, but never let it take all the shine.

Remember, moderation is key.