All of us eat to fuel and nourish ourselves to carry out the zillion functions that we are supposed to do. However, there are certain foods that should be eaten in a certain way instead of the regular wash, peel, slice, cook, and eating pattern.

Here is the correct way to eat some of the commonly eaten food items.


To eat soup correctly, place the soup spoon at far side of bowl with the spoon depression facing towards you. Now, scoop some soup in to the spoon, bring it closer to your mouth, and sip the soup softly. In case you are having soup in a cup, lift the cup up towards your lips and sip it slowly (not slurp), like you have your tea.


You may enjoy the ribs by eating it with your fingers as well. Just hold it from the bony edge and take small bites without making too much of a mess.


While eating shrimp cocktail, you may use a knife to spear the shrimps and eat it one bite at a time. Also, do not dip your bite sized food in the dip or sauce more than once.


While eating artichokes, use fingers to pull off one petal, dip it in the sauce (if required), pull the soft pulp through the teeth, and place the petal remains to the side (do not eat the peels). Once all the peels have been removed, spoon out the center and place it on the plate. Cut the remaining heart into small pieces with a fork and knife.



Eat the New York style pizza with your hands and if there are lots of gooey toppings then you may fold the slice in to half as well.


Éclairs should be eaten with a fork and knife while gently slicing it to not squirt out the filling everywhere.



Enjoy a crisp bacon with fingers and a limpy one with a fork.



Swiftly crack the shell of a soft boiled egg in horizontal direction with knife if it is served in an egg cup. Lift the shell with tip of the knife and place it on a plate. Use a spoon to eat it after seasoning the egg with salt and pepper (if required) over each spoonful.


Enjoy cupcakes as it is or slice it in half horizontally and turn the top layer upside down over the bottom layer to create a frosting sandwiched cup cake.


Use chopsticks and dig in to the container of the Chinese takeout right away.


Eat the nigiri sushi with your fingers by holding the fish side down, do not eat sashimi with chopsticks, the pickled ginger is a palate cleanser and has to be eaten in between the bites and not on top of your sushi, and dip only the fish side of sushi in soy sauce.



Use a knife to pile up peas on to the fork or just spear a few peas at a time on your fork.


If the burger is wrapped up, you eat it as a whole by holding it in your hands. If it is unwrapped and served on a bun then you may slice it in to half vertically, but if it served without a bun then use fork and knife to eat it.


Eat whole strawberries with fingers by eating everything but discard the stem. If these are sliced or served with any dip or cream then use a fork or spoon to enjoy these.