How we all wish to have that flat and nicely toned belly that we often secretly ogle at while surfing through the web portals. Here are some of the simplest form of exercises, which can certainly fulfill your desires!

A well toned stomach with well defined abs is the most cherished desire of everyone, gym goer or otherwise. Even if you are not regular at a gym, try out these moves to quickly tone your belly muscles.

Half get ups. This is a core building exercise, which is more effective than the regular sit ups. You just have to lie down on your back, lift the kettlebell from one of your arms, and fully extend that arm holding the weight towards the ceiling. Bend the knee of the same side as that of the arm while placing the foot flat on the ground, while the leg on other side remains stretched out flat on the ground. Now, curl up until midway and then go back to the lying down position while looking up and keeping the arm holding kettlebell extended throughout. Repeat on the other side as well.

Planks. It is a great ab shaping exercise that tones the stomach really well. Just pull up your belly muscles while performing the planks and hold your body in a straight line while performing this exercise.

Hanging leg lifts. This exercise targets the lower abs as you have to pull your knees towards the chest while hanging from a bar. Use your strength to do the needful rather than swinging your body to lift the legs.

Knee tucks with sliders. In this, you have to slide the ball of your feet towards your chest while holding a high plank position. To assist in a smooth slide, place a towel or sliders underneath and grip it with feet and hands at the four corners.

Ab wheel rollout. It is an advanced exercise to tone the stomach muscles. You must gradually progress in terms of repetition and timing to safely get the desired results.

Cable crunches. It is a rather intense form of exercise that seems really simple but involves a hell lot of strength to work up against that stubborn belly fat.

Squats. Compound exercises like squats, overhead stand, and deadlifts help to activate core muscles and improve core strength.

Dead bug. This unique exercise helps in improving both the strength and stability, apart from toning the stomach area nicely.

Swiss ball pikes. It actively helps to better the upper body strength, improve balance, and most importantly give a great workout to the abdominal muscles.