Summer is coming and to better face the hot days here is a list of 9 really tasty but at the same time healthy snacks. (Because the swimsuit test is around the corner)

Summer is just around the corner and for this reason we want to celebrate the arrival of the most awaited season of the year with some ideas for healthy and delicious typically summer snacks.

We have already seen all the beneficial properties of cherries, but during summer, between colors and tastes there is just enough to indulge tasty snacks (staying fit).

When hunger assails you and you want a snack, you can vary from fresh fruit, to homemade popsicles and many other ideas …

Try our 9 healthy summer snacks

I'm already munching something in front of the computer.

1 – Bowl of fresh fruit

Perhaps the most "typically summery" snack.

Because during summer fruit abounds and a fruit snack is perfect for both children and adults.

The majority of fruit is low in calories and it is also the best for those on a diet.

Strawberries, apples, cherries, blueberries, grapefruit and pomegranate!

Great travel or office snack!!!

2 – Yogurt with berries

Yogurt (main ingredient of our yummy yogurt soft cake) is an excellent source of protein and calcium, while berries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Berries help to fight stress and help to make the skin beautiful and radiant.

The berries also contain a lot of water and they will therefore help you stay hydrated for a long time, during the hot days.

This is without a doubt, apart from lactose intolerances, one of the healthiest and tastiest snacks.

You can also add a little cereals to make the snack even tastier (but always healthy!).

3 – Feta salad

Mix some crumbled feta cheese (Greek cheese), diced watermelon and a tablespoon of chopped dill.

A delicious snack that should be consumed immediately to receive the benefits!

4 – Vegetables with natural sauces

Vegetables are known to be low in calories and rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that help prevent age-related diseases.

Fresh vegetables are a great satisfying snack to eat on a hot day.

Eat some guacamole, hummus or green vegetables, perhaps with some Greek yogurt.

5 – "Green" smoothie

Mix a little cabbage with 5 crushed ice cubes!

Add also a cup of mixed berries, half a banana and half a cup of water.

Blend until it becomes perfectly liquid, as a milkshake.

The green smoothie is a great snack and it also helps you lose weight, giving you the right amount of vitamins.

6 – Popcicles

Have you ever tried making popcicles at home?!

You need only a mold, some fruit and a blender.

The molds are very easy to find.

There are many combinations you can create at home… and you will be extremely satisfied with the result!

7 – Bacon snacks

deep fried bacon

These are undoubtedly the most tasty snacks!!

Very easy to prepare, perfect for home-made aperitifs.

Cook a slice of bacon in the pan and then cut it into 10 small pieces.

Then lay on pieces of melon. In short, an alternative to the more classic "raw ham".

Bring to the table, with small toothpicks.

8 – Healthy and delicious mix


If you have to face a trip, an excursion, or even just an afternoon by bike, here is a healthy and delicious snack: combine raw walnuts, dried fruit, a few drops of dark chocolate and coconut.

The dried fruit gives you the carbohydrates, the coconut is sugar-free and gives you protein and the dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants.

Enjoy this crunchy snack whenever you're hungry.

Better than any snack bought at the supermarket.

9 – Pop corn

Popcorn is an incredible snack.

The wheat is rich in fiber, so enjoy it without overdoing.

Try to make them at home, every supermarket now offers popcorn to be fried in a pan or microwave.

Some are flavored with rosemary, pepper, but I suggest dusting over some cheese.

You will love it!