Here’s What Chris Hemsworth’s Daily Eating Habit To Stay Fit Looks Like

A percent of fans have been wondering how the actor Chris Hemsworth maintains his sculpted body through years of acting and have tried to guess what food the actor eats and the foods he avoids in order to keep in shape. Read on for the elements of his daily diet that help him stay fit.

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Chris Hemsworth has always been an ideal model for fitness enthusiasts because of his picture-perfect physique, which he has maintained for years. The actor is in the limelight and back in action with a new movie, "Thor: Love and Thunder," which premiered sometime in July, and this is why inquiries about his diet have increased.

The truth is Chris Hemsworth's diet has changed from movie to movie, yet his insane muscles and sculpted structure is intact and has not changed. This was revealed in his interview with Wired, where Hemsworth said he most times eats balanced meals with lots of proteins and vegetables.

Hemsworth's on-set Chef and nutritional consultant, Sergio Perera, further attested to that, saying a typical dinner the actor eats consists of white fish with grilled mushrooms and raw broccoli salad or grilled mahi-mahi asparagus, non-diary Ceaser salad, and Roasted tomato.

One distinct fact to note about his meals is that carbohydrates are not included in his diet as the actor consumes little to no percent of carbohydrates. Hemsworth informed Wired that he is not a fan of carbohydrates, and he eats more proteins because his body responds more to vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats.


Another interesting reveal in the interview is that the actor admitted to having a sweet tooth which came as a surprise because people believed that the actor is not a person who takes sweet things. Chris Hemsworth said he likes sweet things and has an appetite for burgers, pizza, ice cream, and several delicious foods.

The question that comes to most people's minds is how he consumes those sweet foods and still manages to keep his body in shape. Hemsworth clarified that he has a top diet secret in other to stay consistent with these sweet cravings. This secret is that he eats healthy foods and tries as much as possible to give space between these healthy foods to satisfy his cravings by eating at least a juicy, tasty burger.

The top diet secret is consuming a large percentage of good foods and a lesser percentage of sweet foods, which is popularly known as the eighty-twenty rule. This rule means that the proteins and vegetables would be consumed in large numbers while the sweet foods like burgers, ice cream, and pizza would be eaten in twenty percent, which is smaller. Using this rule, it translates that Chris Hemsworth only eats sweet foods compared to his whole diet.

In addition, Other stars like Blake Lively and Kate Moss also use the eighty-twenty rule because medical experts have recommended it. Amy Goodson, MS, CSSD, RD, LD said the rule should be used to learn ways to include cheat or sweet meals in diets without consuming too much of unhealthy foods.

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