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Here’s What Olympic Gold Medalist Caeleb Dressel Eats In A Day

Caeleb Dressel is a sportsman to watch out for thanks to a large array of world records in the swimming niche. For Dressel, his daily diet is just as important as his fitness regime as he continuously strives to stay in tip-top shape. Here's everything the star eats in a day as well as tips on how he manages to stay fit. Some may surprise you!

By Cookist

Dressel kicks off his day early every morning with swimming practice. The athlete narrates that he long made a personal choice to avoid heavy meals before this activity. His go-to meal is therefore a heavy-carb meal in a small portion.

He said:

"I never eat a lot before I get in the water because I don't want to, you know. Anything with carbs is what I go for if it's not a full meal,"

He explains that such a meal staves off hunger but still manages to keep him full and energised for the swimming practice. His choices typically include oatmeal and honey and less frequently, cereals that aren't too sugary like Wheaties, a bagel or toast.


After his morning swim, which lasts for about two hours, Dressel refuels with a glass of chocolate milk or a protein bar between workouts. This prepares him for weight training, which lasts for a few hours before lunchtime.

For lunch, Dressel chooses large meals that's packed with great nutrition such as plenty of protein, healthy carbs, and fruits and vegetables. His average choice includes seafood, chicken, oranges, and apples and occasionally, he indulges in a donut.

Afterwards, Dressel returns to the pool for another two hours of swimming before dinner. That's when he says he can't wait to "get food as fast as I can." He eats until he is satiated again for dinner, which includes meatloaf, a meal he has openly declared his love for.

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