Read on to know what the popular model/actress Emily Ratajkowski eats in a day.

Emily Ratajkowski has one of the most desired body and she doesn’t even have to work hard to maintain that physique. Here is an overview of all that Emily usually eats in a day.

As informed by Emily Ratajkowski, we find it difficult to accept that she doesn’t work very hard to maintain her body. This 27-years-old model is quite a hearty eater and she prefers to eat healthy whenever she can.

For breakfast, Emily opts for a bowl of very healthy oatmeal along with a cup of green tea. Sometimes, she also enjoys a buttery or sugary treat with a cup of highly caffeinated Blacktop coffee. She also loves to eat a French pastry called kouign-amann, which was once labeled as the fattiest pastry in entire Europe, quite regularly.


For lunch, Emily usually enjoys a healthy salad or a sandwich. And, while on a set, she picks the healthier stuff from the catering served to the staff.

For a snack, she loves to have a turmeric and beetroot juice quite often. This health beverage is loaded with various healthy nutrients that impact our health in the most positive way.

For dinner, Ratajkowski loves to eat at an Italian restaurant called Bestia. Sometimes, she also orders in food when she in a mood to cozy up at home. Post mates mostly deliver Indian food and Thai food for her at her home. Apart from that, she is a huge fan of sushi, pizza, and southern food.

Emily also prefers to cook for herself and use a limited quantity of salt and sugar to balance out the ingredients in her daily meal. To maintain her fitness level, she loves to hike even though she is not too much into exercising and fitness rituals.