How we wonder what the celebrities eat every day! Read on to know about the hottest dishes of Hollywood that your favorite celebrities love to eat.

Right from J.Lo to Kim, Hollywood’s A listers are pretty conscious about what they eat. Here is an insight in to the daily diet of these famous celebs.

Jennifer Lopez. With an enviable body to flaunt, J.Lo consciously sticks to a diet comprising of healthy fruits and veggies.

Kim Kardashian West. Since the birth of her first born, she has been on a strict diet and eats a healthier version of her favorite foods, such as grilled chicken, cauliflower mac and cheese, zucchini noodles etc.

Tiffani Thiessen. She ensures to include veggies in each meal and apart from this, she loves to eat avocado toast, oven roasted tomatoes, and salads.

Tara Lipinski. She eats plenty of whole grain salads and downs ton of water every day. She sometimes cheats on her diet with Hershey’s chocolate. Bagels, and diet soda.

Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole loves juice and yogurt for breakfast, smoked turkey breast with plenty of veggies in lunch, and after sun set she indulges in pineapples and berries.

Patti Stanger. She strictly follows a low fat, high protein, gluten free diet and eats 2 egg whites plus a large pancake with berries for breakfast. Patti eats lots of pork jerky with homemade chicken chili rest of the day.

Lindsey Vonn. Eating fruits and egg for breakfast, lunch for salad, and a generous helping of pasta for dinner helps her maintain that stunning body frame.

Mel B. She eats oatmeal for breakfast, kale salad wrap with chicken breast and pureed cauliflower for lunch, and plenty of veggies for dinner.

Kim Johnson. Kim enjoys plenty of veggies in each meal and proteins for dinner.

Ksenia Solo. Her favorites include green juice and porridge in breakfast and grilled chicken for dinner.

Vivica A. Fox. She eats oatmeal and grapefruit for breakfast, grilled halibut for lunch, and turkey meatballs for dinner.

Leona Lewis. She eats fairly light but can’t resist sweets and snack on red grapes.

Kit Hoover. Yogurt with mixed berries is her usual breakfast, and frozen yogurt with dark chocolate is her favorite treat.

Jaimie Alexander. Throughout the day she consumes plenty of juice, veggies with hummus, salads, and ½ a cup of almonds.

Christina Milian. She eats a low dairy diet with light meals every day. Her dinner usually comprise of yellowtail, jalapeno salmon, and albacore sushi.

Brandy. This singer enjoys mahi mahi with spinach salad for lunch, grilled salmon with veggies for dinner, and leads an overall healthy life.