Sip on some hot water first thing in the morning and in between the day time to avail many health benefits from it!

Water is the most essential fluid ever! You have been sipping on to this essential without even knowing about the numerous benefits of consuming it. In fact, hot water is a bit more beneficial than the regular one. Read on to know more about it.

Weight loss. Hot water as such will not result in weight loss but it helps to assist in the weight loss process. If hot water is consumed with lemon on an empty stomach early morning it will surely kick the metabolism and result in burning of more calories. Apart from that, drinking hot water clears stomach, prevents inflammation, and clears water weight.


Sinus. Drink hot water to relieve stuffy nose and also to alleviate some symptoms of respiratory tract infection, like nasal congestion, quicker than the cold water. This is because the high temperature of hot water helps mucus to travel faster.


Teeth. Warm water is better for teeth than cold water as warm water does not lead to erosion of teeth filling. Also, make sure to not consume very hot water as extreme temperatures are detrimental to the pearly whites.

Digestion. Warm water stimulates the flow of blood in the intestine as it acts as a vasodilator and assists in digestion. Warm water also hydrates the food and emulsifies the fat in it, which makes the food easily digestible.

Skin. Hot water stimulates elimination of toxins by sweating as it increases the core temperature of the body. If consumed regularly and with lemon, hot water balances the acidity of food consumed in the stomach.

Pain relief. Muscles contract on drinking cold water but warm water increase blood flow and relaxes muscles, which can also relieve pain, joint aches, and menstrual cramps.

Blood circulation. Drinking hot water improves blood circulation and the efficacy with which blood is carried out to different parts of the body, this results in better blood pressure, and lower risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

Constipation. Drinking warm water in the morning improves bowel movement and reduces constipation. This occurs as warm water stimulates intestinal peristalsis and counters constipation and sluggish bowel movement.

Increase friendliness. This may seem surprising to you! According to an observational study at the University of Colorado Boulder, warm water has been found to turn people friendlier and is the preferred choice of people who have a warm nature.