These tips are short and very easy to understand. No matter what distinctive flavor or texture notes you plan to add to your sponge cake, make sure to keep them in mind for your next baking session!

1. Prepare all your ingredients

First thing's first, have all ingredients required prepared and weighed out before the mixing starts. This fosters accuracy, efficiency, and it is guaranteed that you will make less mess during the mixing process!

2. Keep the ingredients at room temperature

This is imperative if you want your cake to come out ideally. If your eggs or milk were in the fridge, take them out to slowly gain room temperature before mixing. This has been found to help the ingredients combine effortlessly.

3. Mix it up

To hasten the process, you can use a mixer to cream the butter and sugar first. This is also very effective at helping you get the creamy consistency you need at this stage.

4. Don't rush!

Learn to enjoy baking; while mixing, gently fold in the flour into the wet ingredients to ensure that the mixture is aerated as much as possible.

5. Don't over-mix

Again, gently fold in the flour into the mixture. Avoid over-mixing to prevent the mix from curdling, which can significantly affect the texture of the cake.

6. Keep milk close

A fluffy texture is essential to a sponge cake, and milk is that one trick ingredient that can help you achieve this. Once you observe that the mixture is too thick, add milk.

7. Use real ingredients as best as you can

For flavor, no packaged product can beat using real ingredients like vanilla pods, lemon zest, cinnamon sticks, or fruits.

8. Use a greaseproof paper

To get your cake coming out in perfect shape, you can line the baking tin with a greaseproof paper. This prevents the cake from coming out too oily or greasy like it would if you use butter.

9. Be patient

Give the cake enough time to cook; opening the oven multiple times will reduce the cooking heat and ultimately lengthen the baking time and cause the cake to drop.  So, be patient.

There you have it, 9 unique tips that will help you get the best sponge cake every time! However, don't get too finicky about the process, be gentle, and make the process as enjoyable as possible. Do it with your kids, play soft music, or you could even take random photos for aesthetics! Just don't let the process become too mentally tasking; merely doing these can help you gain perfection.