Many of us use toothpicks for one single thing – to clean out teeth. But they can do much more than keep your teeth clean. With more and more dentists discouraging us from picking our teeth, you’re better off using toothpicks for something else!

1. Apply glue

If you do regular arts and crafts, you know how fiddly small buttons and sequins can be. Make the job easier and apply glue with toothpicks. They’re small enough to add just the right amount of glue and easy to dispose of afterwards.

2. Protect seedlings

When planting new seeds, use toothpicks to create a protective barrier against caterpillars and other bugs. You can also use it to support smaller plants.

3. Plant an avocado

Speaking of plants, why not use the toothpicks to plant an avocado seed? Use three toothpicks to suspend the avocado seed in a glass filled with water. The broad side should face down, and the water should cover the bottom half of the seed. Be ready for a sprouting avocado seed within 6 weeks!

4. Fix a manicure

If you love doing your nails, then make sure to keep a few toothpicks in your nail caddy. Use it to create nail polish designs (like dots or flowers), or even to fix smudges.

5. Clean your keyboard

Use a toothpick to clean up stubborn dirt on your keyboard. It’s the perfect size to pick up debris that gets stuck inside the keys. You can clean many things with toothpicks: your phone, brushes, and even your nails!

6. Use it for the BBQ

If you like to grill vegetables, use toothpicks to make your life easier. Sticking toothpicks in vegetables (like red peppers), will keep them from rolling off the grill!

7. Use for creative baking

A toothpick is the perfect tool to create designs on a cake with icing. Write messages, make intricate designs, or even use it to create fondant flowers!

8. Prevent pots from boiling over

To keep pots from boiling over, place a toothpick between the lid and the pot. This small space will act as a vent, allowing steam to escape.

Mark tapeIf you’re forever searching for the end of the tape, then wrap a toothpick at the end each time you use it. You won’t waste time searching for the tape end again!