Here is an account of how a person’s obsession with eating too healthy almost spiraled back to her in a wrong way.

Sometimes over indulging in something can harm us in more ways than we know. Here is an account of a blogger who was so obsessed with self-care that she ended up harming herself in many ways.

This blogger who is a student at UCLA would exercise for 75 minutes each day for 6 days a week. She got so obsessed with working out that she would work out harder and for longer hours every day. It is also during this time that she got in to clean eating as she was having some digestive issues. Which means, she completely stopped eating fruits, sweets, starches, and most fats. Because of exercising hard and eating extremely healthy each day, she ended up losing 40 pounds in less than 3 months.

She became indulgent in healthy eating and exercising to a level of addiction, where it actually became unhealthy for her to continue with this trend. Because of this, her social life was affected as she stopped hanging out with her friends as well. She stopped socializing as it was interfering with her workout schedule and she was not able to easily find food preparations out of her home that would fit her choice. So, stepping out of her home would stress her out badly.

After consulting at least 15 nutritionist, doctors, and dieticians she finally found one nutritionist who shared the harsh truth with her. She met this nutritionist when her body fat percentage was as low as 6.8%, as opposed to the healthy range of 25-30%. The nutritionist shared that she has put an undue strain on her body and she could die at any second. This finally shook her back to senses and with the help of a psychologist she reframed her mind in to eating “healthy”.

She took baby steps to get back to the actual healthy way of eating without starving or being too harsh on her body. This sensible lifestyle met the nutritional demands of her body and let her stay active.