On Instagram, Becca Rea-Holloway is known as "the sweet feminist," and she has amassed over 180k followers. This is no surprise considering that her page spells out innovation and immense creativity.

Nearly one or every other day, Rea-Holloway shares photos of pastries she made herself and which bear important messages that tackle different societal ills.

The messages take a spin on feminism and are usually short and cryptic statements. However, Rea-Holloway gives an explicit explanation in the caption of each photo to shed more light on the reason for each statement.

Her subject of choices has ranged from women's equal rights to speaking out for the LGBTQ community and many more others.

Even most recently, the passionate activist openly raised the subject that "people in positions of power" are not doing enough to provide "everyone" with proper healthcare in this fierce battle against coronavirus.

In the new post, she inscribed a short sentence into an otherwise basic pie.

"Cancel ‘that's not realistic,’" it boldly reads.

As if to display Rea-Holloway's fame on the platform, the picture, which is only a few hours old, has already garnered over 9,000 likes and numerous comments from her fans.

The comments section is primarily filled with messages from equally passionate health activists as well as supportive messages for Rea-Holloway, who started it all.

What is most important about Rea-Holloway is that she has found a way to do the things she loves the most. As they say, there is no better way to describe success than that!