The singer of the song "Hello" faced criticism because of her weight. Adele surprised everyone when she made her appearance with a new physique, after losing around 100 pounds. According to news, Beyoncé played a crucial role as cheerleader for Adele.

Beyoncé, former Destiny's Child star, gave Adele tips and techniques on how to lose weight. She remained one of Adele’s best motivators throughout her weight loss journey. Beyoncé gave Adele a piece of unique advice, which was, “enjoy the work without worrying". This tip, exercise, as well as diet, helped Adele losing seven stone.

How did Adele Lose so Much Weight?

Intensified her Workouts

According to Us Weekly, before losing weight, Adele had never cared for exercise. But now, she has started doing three workouts a week. Adele also makes it a routine, and she does both pilates and cross-training. She does sixty-minute sessions that include circuit training, pilates, and cardio. The best thing is that she loves and enjoys her new routine.

In an interview with Vogue, in 2016, Adele said, "I was trying to get some stamina for my tour, so I lost a bit of weight. Now I fit into ‘normal,' off-the-shelf clothes, which was a massive problem for me earlier".

Followed a Strict Diet

Adele has followed a strict diet to accomplish this result. She is not drinking and started eating more natural food. However, by giving up on things, Adele still feels happy and loves her physical transformation. She became more confident even in her different dressing.
Some brands claim that Adele follows the Stir-food diet, but she never mentioned this. She has been dieting since 2016.

Focused on Being Happy

Critics claim that Adele lost her weight because of her recent breakup. But fans say that she just wants to be healthy and happy and be the best mom and a positive example for her son. She has more concern about becoming a happy and healthier person than only losing weight.