Beyoncé, who shares three children with her rapper husband, Jay-Z, is a devout family woman while being one of the world's most famous female entertainers.

How she manages to juggle these roles so efficiently still leaves many surprised. Just one year after birthing twin sons, Sir and Rumi Carter, Beyoncé got on stage at Coachella to give a powerful performance that is now labeled historical.

Aside from the energy she displayed during the performance, many were surprised at her shapely figure that boasted of immense weight loss. Now Queen Bey has an answer for everyone!

Via YouTube, the "Love On Top" crooner, shared that her secret is a 22-day meal plan that was specially curated by her trainer, exercise physiologist, and author, Marco Borges.

It notably helped the mother of three "adopt a healthier lifestyle," and the tremendous results caused the star to promote the diet plan by sharing her video diary as she did.

Borges' effort is indeed commendable with the short clip showing that Beyoncé started don't the weight loss journey weighing 175 pounds!

Borges attributes the nearly unbelievable change to the meal plan being "strictly vegan." He said:

"When you're eating plant-based, you will definitely have more energy; you will definitely sleep better, you're definitely going to have improved complexion, your mood is going to change completely."

It sure worked because the video came to a close with Beyoncé excitedly telling Borges that she fit into one of her iconic costumes from the past!