Apple pancakes: the recipe for an American brunch

Total time: 20 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
By Cookist
Flour type 00
250 g
Partly skimmed milk
300 ml
20 g
Baking powder for sweets
1 pack
White sugar
2 tbsps
Cinnamon powder
1 tsp
Sea salt
a pinch

The apple pancakes are sweet, round, tall fritters typical of American breakfast, and perfect also for your morning breakfast. Perhaps you will have seen on the web or in some movie these small mounds of pancakes with syrups and jams and often accompanied with fruit or diced butter. For pancakes, the classic recipe is only made with flour, eggs, butter and that’s it. After you have prepared the batter you have just to cook it – one ladle at a time – on a non-stick frying pan for a few minutes and breakfast will be ready. Today, however, I propose you an interesting variation. The recipe for apple pancakes in fact says that apples cut into small cubes are added to the dough, very small cubes so they will cook quickly. In addition, you can accompany your pancakes, as well as garnished with apples, with a bit of cinnamon (spice that goes very well with apples and that I tend to use it every time I prepare an apple dessert).

How to prepare the apple pancakes

The first thing to do is – as always – prepare and dose all the ingredients to make your apple pancakes. As I already told you, you can choose the type of apple you prefer to use. I only suggest you avoid Granny Smith type because it is too sour for this recipe.

In a bowl blend, with an immersion mixer, the two eggs with the sugar.

When the eggs have become frothy, add the sifted flour with baking powder and salt.

Do not be surprised if the dough becomes grainy as in the following picture, it is completely normal.

Add the milk and continue to blend, you will see that the grains will melt, and you will have a soft cream that will compose your batter. Finally, add the melted butter.

Separately, peel, clean and cut the apple into small cubes.

Add them to the dough e mix everything by hand (without an immersion mixer).

As a finishing touch, add the teaspoon of cinnamon powder and gently amalgamate it to the mixture. The batter for the apple pancakes is ready.

Now, you just must put a non-stick frying pan on the stove (I use the ceramic pans). When it is hot, put a piece of butter in it to create a base for the batter and to prevent it from sticking. Take a bit of the mixture with a ladle and spread it gently into the frying pan. Starting from the center and widening it slowly. Form a circle of about fifteen centimeters in diameter. Let it cook over medium heat. When bubbles begin to form (it will take very little, about a minute) turn it over and let it finish cooking.

Place the apple pancakes on a plate and gradually prepare all the others. You can serve them with a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar, or with some maple syrup but nothing prevents you from accompanying them with fruit jams, Greek yogurt and – no problem – also with some hazelnut cream, if you wish. In this way, you will have your fluffy and tall pancakes. To make them even more perfect, you can decorate your pancakes with confectioner’s sugar but also with some fresh fruit, as they are garnished with apples.

How to store the apple pancakes

Pancakes can be stored in the refrigerator. Then you just must heat them in a pre-heated frying pan, just a few seconds, and they will be perfect. Beware, however, that the dough lasts just one day in the refrigerator while, instead, the already prepared pancakes can be preserved in the refrigerator just for two days if well covered with a transparent film or in a plastic bag, but not covered with aluminum paper because without air bacteria will form in the prepared mixture.


Did you know that three statisticians from the University of Nantes wrote a 27-page article entitled "Pancake flipping is hard" on how to flip pancakes? Published on, an authoritative scientific site, it is a nice educational article, with very interesting mathematical formulas and drawings.

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