An apple a day keeps the doctor away, reads an ancient adage. Apples are a very healthy fruit, rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Their curious uses for health, beauty and home, however, exceed the usual uses. It is therefore good to know some alternative uses of apples, in the name of a more natural lifestyle.

1. Face mask

To obtain a face mask rich in fruit acids useful for the renewal of skin cells, blend a quarter of an apple with a quarter of peeled orange, six grapes and three strawberries. Apply the mask to the dry and clean face and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. A teaspoon of honey can be added to the mask.

2. Health and allergies

Apples are a natural remedy to maintain good health for a long time. According to a recent study, apples contain substances useful for protecting the lungs and helping those suffering from asthma and respiratory allergies.

3. Migraine

If you are looking for a quick natural remedy for migraines, green apples might help you. According to recent studies, in fact, smelling the scent of green apples would help alleviate the pain and shorten its duration over time.

4. Ripening of the fruits

The proximity of apples with other fruit can accelerate their ripening. Here is a small example about it. If the bananas you have purchased are still excessively green, put them in a basket next to the apples and they will ripen more quickly due to a particular gas emitted by the apples themselves.

5. Natural sweetener

The very ripe and particularly sweet apples can help us to reduce the amount of sugar to be used in the preparation of cakes and biscuits. Use them in slices or cubes as an additional ingredient for making desserts. They are also useful for sweetening yogurt or muesli.

6. Potpourri

The dried and chopped apple slices can be one of the useful ingredients for the preparation of a natural potpourri. Other elements to add to the pot-pourri can be dried lavender flowers, dried rose petals, cloves, star anise and cinnamon sticks.

7. Centerpiece

It is not necessary to buy special items for the creation of an original centerpiece, it is in fact sufficient to have a bowl or a tray to decorate with fresh fruit and dried fruit, starting with apples, to choose different colors. The effect will be an immediate touch of joy on the table.

8. Pets

A slice of apple can be a small reward for your four-legged friend. Dogs usually love apples and they can eat them without problems from time to time. The apples can also be placed in bird feeders, in order to attract them in the garden.


Using half an apple and carving the favorite shapes inside it, it is possible to make molds with which children can have fun decorating their drawings. Similar molds can also be prepared using potatoes.

10. Food preservation

Putting apples near slices of homemade cake can prolong its softness and prevent it from drying out prematurely. Simply place an apple in a vacuum-sealed container next to the cake to be preserved and you will not even need to use the refrigerator.