People have been using honey for thousands of years, but the latest health drive encourages people to even eat honeycombs for a healthier life. Read on to know how healthy honeycombs are in improving our health status.

Honeycomb is made by bees to give birth to their larvae and store honey. Honeycomb may also contain bee propolis, pollens, and royal jelly, which possess certain health benefits as well. It has been known that we can eat the whole honeycomb, which has a nice texture and is a bit chewy to taste, to improve our health.

Honeycomb is high in antioxidants and carbohydrates. This integral part of the beehive also has various other nutrients in trace amounts.

Here are various health benefits of consuming honeycomb.

For heart-health. Honeycomb also contains some beeswax, which offers heart-healthy compounds that may help to lower cholesterol levels.

Protects against infection. Honey improves our ability to fight various bacteria and fungi. This anti-microbial property of honeycomb is beneficial in protecting the gut as well.

Reduce coughing. Honeycomb contains a good amount of honey in it as well, which is beneficial against coughing and upper respiratory tract infections. However, it is recommended that honey or honeycomb should not be given to children under 1 year of age.

Alternative for sugar. Honeycomb may contain various compounds that are present in honey and which helps to lower insulin resistance. Also, honeycomb does not raise the blood sugar levels as high as the processed sugar.

For liver. It has been studied that beeswax alcohol present in the honeycomb is beneficial for the functioning of the liver and to reduce the symptoms of various liver diseases.