Baileys Reintroduces Their Apple Pie Drink To Welcome Fall

Pumpkin spice is the hallmark flavor for fall season but not even it can trump the amusing flavor profile contained in Baileys Apple Pie. Aside from being delicious, this adult drink can be enjoyed in various ways, making it the ideal accompaniment for every meal this fall.

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Baileys is known for their decadent twist on spirits. As if their Irish cream liqueur isn't already decadent enough, the brand is known to add speciality flavors that keep fans raving about them.

One of their most iconic yet is the Apple Pie Irish Cream Liqueur which has a signature taste of nostalgia thanks to its rich flavor profile. It boasts of a delicious combination of Irish Cream Liqueur with freshly baked apple pie and rich vanilla ice cream. Other important flavor notes include cinnamon and spices, which make the drink Baileys ideal symbol of fall season.

The drink can be enjoyed at any time and combined with different drinks or even incorporated into dessert recipes. Making your favourite pastries couldn't be more fun with this specialty drink; think apple pies, cakes, scones or even ice-cream!

Whichever way you choose to have yours, the hearty flavors will have you reminiscing about old times. However, be careful of the amount you add; the alcohol content of the drink is estimated to be around 17% per volume.

The Baileys Apple Pie will only be available for a limited period so make sure to get yours now. According to reports, the drink will soon arrive at retailers like Total Wine. A 750 mL bottle will cost a little under $25 so you don't have to break the bank!

What exciting ways do you plan to use this drink?

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