A recent survey commissioned by AssoBirra to AstraRicerche brought out the great passion of Italians for beer, recording a steady increase in women who drink beer. Thanks to the low calorie content (a glass of 250cc light beer has less than 85kcal) and the wealth of beneficial substances, such as potassium, magnesium and vitamins B2 and B3, the tasty drink does not make you fat, and it is also a panacea for health. Provided you drink it without exaggeration.

Beer does not make you fat, and it is also a precious ally for our health if consumed responsibly, thanks to the precious beneficial substances it contains. A research called "The Italians and the beer" commissioned by the Association of Brewers (AssoBirra) to AstraRicerche highlighted this and also brought out the qualities of the tasty drink and the appreciation by the Bel Paese. Indeed, the survey revealed that as many as three Italians out of four consume it, with an ever-increasing number of women: as many as 70 percent of Italian women declare that they are drinking it. This widespread and growing love for beer, defined in the statement by AssoBirra as a real "spring", also brings economic benefits, as it has catalyzed the opening of numerous craft breweries along the entire country.

Low calorie drink

But why doesn't beer make you fat? Based on the survey data, 55 percent of Italians think that beer is fattening; especially women (58 percent) and young people (60 percent), while 63 percent believe that the drink "swells". But these are false myths, linked to unhealthy traditions of other countries that have entered the collective imagination without the appropriate filters. The beer, in fact, in some contexts is consumed in excessive doses and above all it is accompanied by lucullian meals rich in animal fats, which inevitably lead to raising the needle of the scale and determining the infamous "beer belly". In reality a glass of 250cc light beer contains less than 85 kcal, which are less than those contained in many other drinks that are consumed daily, as indicated in the press release issued by AssoBirra.

The healthy benefits

As indicated, drinking beer responsibly can be good for your health, thanks to the precious nutrients – especially mineral salts – it contains. Potassium, selenium, magnesium, zinc, folate, chlorine, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 are just some of the beneficial substances, and there are also fiber and reduced alcohol content. Moreover, it is a product that comes from cereals and for 90-93 percent it is made up of water. According to 40 percent of the people interviewed by AstraRicerche, beer can be associated with a healthy diet, and it is also recognized for its antioxidant power and ease of digestion; all factors that together with the composition make it a healthy and tasty product. Provided, of course, to drink it in an absolutely responsible way.