• tramezzino bread 8 slices
  • Cream Cheese 700 gr (3 cups)
  • iceberg lettuce 200 gr (2.7 cups)
  • Smoked salmon 100 gr (0.7 cup)
  • tuna, drained 200 gr (0.6 cup)
  • hard-boiled eggs 6
  • Pitted Olives 100 gr (0.5 cup)
  • carrots, medium size 3

If you always had more of a savory tooth than a sweet one, then you will love this Birthday Present Sandwich Cake! It’s the perfect gift for those who love all things savory. Now you can have cake for lunch…and eat it too! The Sandwich Cake is a giant version of a traditional sandwich. Instead of cake, you have layers of Tramezzino bread, and instead of a sweet icing filling, you have a creamy savory spread with salmon, tuna, eggs, and vegetables. This Sandwich Cake has a Swedish origin and is known by various names: smorgastrata, voileivatort, Voileipakakku, and brauoterta. The sandwich cake is always served cold and is cut and served as you would a cake. From the outside, it looks like a typical birthday cake, but slice into it, and you will see all the savory fillings. You get all the different textures from the many ingredients and it packs a punch of flavor.

Tips for the Best Sandwich Cake

– The sandwich cake can be beautifully decorated, so get creative. Use salmon roses to create height on the cake, or even a vibrant pea spread layer for a pop of green in between the layers.

– To make it vegetarian, you can omit the tuna and salmon, and add more veggies. Make your sandwich cake more colorful by incorporating beets or peas into the cream cheese mixture. Simply blend the cooked veggies with cream cheese in a food processor to create a smooth, colorful spread.

– The Birthday Present Sandwich Cake is delicious served on its own. Alternatively, you can pair it with a fresh garden salad, or even a rich soup. Because it’s such a fresh dish, it also pairs well with barbecue.

How to store Birthday Present Sandwich Cake

You can make the sandwich cake up to 24 hours in advance. Store the cake in the refrigerator and decorate just before serving. This sandwich cake is best consumed on the day you make it. It’s not suitable for freezing.

How to make Birthday Present Sandwich Cake

1st layer: Combine two slices of tramezzino bread, coat with a layer of cream cheese and arrange the smoked salmon.

Arrange a row of iceberg lettuce.

Top with a layer of slices spread with cream cheese.

2nd layer: Combine 150 g of cream cheese and tuna.

Cut the boiled eggs into slices.

Arrange two slices of tramezzino bread over the iceberg, coat the bread with the prepared mixture of cream cheese and tuna.

Arrange the slices of boiled eggs.

Rearrange the row of iceberg lettuce.

3rd layer: Combine 150 g cream cheese with olives chopped into small rings.

Arrange two slices of tramezzino bread, coat with a mixture of cream cheese and olives then place another row of iceberg lettuce.

Cover with two more slices of tramezzino bread.

Coat the whole cake with cream cheese.

Use a peeling cutter to cut layers of medium-sized carrots.

Make a gift bow with carrot strips. Glue the carrot strips with the cream cheese. Leave the cake to cool and enjoy the perfect full flavor.


Don’t skip the cream cheese, it creates a barrier between the bread and the moist ingredients, which prevents the bread from becoming soggy.