Read on to know if consuming ice cream and other cold treats can help to cool down our body!

Summer season allows us to consume endless servings of ice-creams and other chilled preparations that can both treat our taste buds and cool our system. Similarly, wintertime is synonymous with consumption of hot soups and other warm food preparations.


However, in one of the recent observation, it was found that people should consume hot foods to cool themselves down during summers. According to some studies it was found that consuming hot foods or beverages are more likely to bring down the body temperature as compared to cold food preparations.

A study in 2012 conducted at Thermal Ergonomics Lab proved that consuming a drink hotter than the internal body temperature helps the heat to escape by making us sweat and cool down the body’s temperature. This means the more we sweat, the cooler we feel as our body uses this mechanism to cool itself down.

But, for this to happen we musn’t be clothed too much as then the sweat will not be able to evaporate. Traditionally, this idea of consuming hot foods during summer is practiced in Korea for generations, where people enjoy hot soups even during the summer months.