The actual response of your body when you happen to swallow gum

Chewing gums is a fun habit that is even advised by dentists around the world. It helps to keep our teeth healthy, slim the waistline, improve memory, reduce depression, control heartburn, burn more calories, and prevent nausea. That’s quite a lot of good that a small piece of gum can do to us! Anyhow, it is commonly believed that the gum stays in our body for seven long years in case we happen to swallow it. And, it is very likely for many of us to have accidentally swallowed the gum during our lifetime, particularly during the growing up years. Read on to know if this notion associated with swallowing the gum is really true, or is it just another myth ready to be busted!

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Our body is a marvel in itself! With an excellent network of intricate, complex channels, our body is undoubtedly the world’s most marvelous creation that humankind has ever come across. It performs many vital functions to help us carry on with the daily tasks and also protects us from any untoward illness. That is not all; there are several other ways in which our body helps us to lead an uneventful life.

Taking the way our body handles the gum, we sometimes happen to swallow, for example. It is commonly believed that chewing gum stays in our tummy for as long as seven years if we end up swallowing or ingest is somehow. This is one of the silliest myths floating around for ages, and many still believe it, sadly so.

Anyhow, the right way in which our body responds to the gum is quite different. Our body quickly responds to the food we eat, drink, or swallow, and the gum doesn’t stay inside our system for more than a week. However, its synthetic part may hover around for a bit longer than that.

As the body regularly empties itself from the unwanted things via the digestive tract, the gum too moves out from the stomach to small intestines, then to colon, and finally out of our body along with the stool.

Nevertheless, even after having our regular elimination cycle in place, sometimes, this gum may create a nuisance for our health. This is because, when we repeatedly swallow gum, it can lead to bezoar, which is a small indigestible mass, and can even result in bowel obstruction. This means, in order to maintain good health, you should make it a habit to spit the gum out after chewing. But, there is no need to panic either, in case you accidentally end up swallowing it.

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