Hot dogs are comfort food for people who are ‘on the go’ nearly every day. It is also an excellent summertime snack that is a reminiscence of under the sky ‘bar-be-que’ parties and baseball matches. This unique recipe can be customized to innumerable possibilities, according to one’s taste and food preferences. No wonder why most of the carnivals host hot dog eating competitions to lure people in to trying this very affordable and delicious snack. Here is the calorie count of 5 of the most popular styles of hot dogs that you can find.

Originated in Germany, hot dogs are comfort food for many. But, these humble bun-wrapped sausages also hold a bad reputation of being high on calories. Popularized in New York City since the 1800s, hot dogs can be prepared using pork, beef, chicken, or turkey sausage. Typically, only a few condiments are used, such as ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, and pickle, to these sausages, which are placed in a partially sliced bun.

The calorie count of each hot dog varies, depending on the condiments used to prepare it. Anyhow, a standard hot dog offers around 150 calories. Here is a list of popular classic-style hot dogs that are available to you.

Ball Park. These hot dogs are usually 49g in weight and offer 160 calories each.

Hillshire Farm. These hot dogs are generally 76g in weight and provide 240 calories each.

Hebrew National. These hot dogs are usually 49g in weight and offer 150 calories each.

Oscar Mayer. These hot dogs are typically 45g in weight and provide 148 calories each.

Nathan’s Famous. These hot dogs are usually 47g in weight and offer 150 calories each.

You can limit the calorie intake from these by avoiding bacon and cheese as toppings and picking a bun-less or low-fat option. Increasing the bun-size, amount of condiments, and the number of sauces can enhance the total calories count of each of these hot dogs.

Apart from calories, hot dogs are also high in sodium, saturated fats, preservatives, artificial flavorings, and non-natural food colorants. So, it is best to be watchful of the quantity of hot dogs you consume!