Read on to know how you can track the calorie intake to maintain your body weight!

Losing weight successfully mainly involves keeping a track of the calorie input and output. By learning to count calories, one can easily maintain body weight. Calorie counting is a very easy method to lose weight and keep off the extra pounds.

To start, there are certain ways in which you can determine your daily calorie requirements to maintain the correct body weight.

Harris-Benedict formula. This mathematical formula can determine the calorie requirements based on your gender, weight, and activity level.

SuperTracker program. In this, few calculators are given by USDA that can be used to determine daily calorie requirements.

Based on the number calculated for daily calorie requirements, you can figure out excess of how many calories you need to control daily. It has been studied that a calorie deficit of 3500 calories can lead to a loss of 1 pound body weight.

To keep a track of daily calorie intake you can refer to food labels and online tools that give out the nutrition information for various foods and food preparations. Adhere to a controlled portion diet as by consuming smaller food portions at correct mealtime, one can easily slim down faster.

Use many online apps or platforms to keep track of your daily or weekly calorie intake. Most of these portals require you to maintain a dashboard to assist in reaching the target body weight.