Can You Guess Who Dolly Parton Says Would Be A Dream Partner For A Duet And Dessert?

Dolly Parton always carries an angelic tune but did you know that she loves baking too? Now you do! The iconic singer is adding confectioner to her resume as she launches a new line of Southern-inspired boxed cake mixes. It was during an interview to promote the new products that she revealed who her dream duet and dessert partner is.

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In a recent virtual interview with "Good Morning America," Dolly Parton had an in-depth discussion about her new line of Southern-inspired boxed cake mixes.

There, she was asked if she could pick one artist to bake and sing a duet with, who would it be?

In her usual boisterous manner, Parton replied:

"Oh my goodness, that's a really good question. Any of the good lookin ones. I love Keith Urban. I've always thought that he was one of the most talented and cutest guys in the world — I'm not trying to hit on him, cause he's got Nicole [Kidman] and who could beat that, she's Jolene."

The award-winning crooner went on to praise Keith Urban's songwriting and that she felt a familial tie to him despite his Australian roots.

She said:

"I love his writing and I just think he's dear. He reminds me so much of my brothers and my own family from back home. He's from Australia but he has that feel of our mountain southern people — he'd fit right in. I'd be happy to make a big ole cake for him and spend all afternoon singing songs."


The Tennessee native's new line is inspired by her roots and childhood recipes. Parton further describes creating the new line as a natural happening because of her unending love for baking and cooking the heartiest meals.

Parton's new special treats include a Southern-style coconut flavored cake and banana-flavored cake mix, plus a creamy buttercream frosting and chocolate buttercream frosting.

It already sounds like the stuff of dreams! Thankfully, we don't have to wait for it too long

Starting March 2022, the line will be available in the baking section of grocery stores and mass retailers. Alongside the promise that the new line is just the beginning of Parton's confectioner dreams, the brand team says the boxed cake mix will cost $2.19 and the frosting will be $2.09 each.

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