"Friends" is an exciting mix of romance and everyday adventure. Food is an integral part of the latter; because there's really no aspect of the series that is spared from humour, there are essential episodes that showcase peculiar cuisines that are still famously talked about amongst fans.

This is why an avid fan of the show will find this list enjoyable because it gets you reminiscing back to the good ol' days! Screenrant lists ten such foods from "Friends" but here are the five that we find especially hilarious!

5. Cheesecake

This dessert is as simple as it goes but not on "Friends." In an episode of the show's 7th season, Rachel and Chandler become taken with a special cheesecake that is constantly delivered to their neighbour's home.

Absolutely impressed by the delightful taste of the cake, Rachel and Chandler swipe it again. This time, however, they start a fight over it, which causes it to fall to the ground. Unbelievably, they both get to eat it right off the floor!

4. Yams

It is hard to forget Brad Pitt's guest appearance in late 2001. He played the role of Will Colbert, a longtime pal of Ross, who suffered low self-esteem despite looking buff.

His secret was that he had been formerly overweight and was even required to eat healthily. Well, that didn't go too well for long as he meets his foe – Rachel Green – who started dishing his secret to everyone.

In an utterly hilarious scene from the series, this eventually caused Colbert (Pitt) to hilariously unhinge by stopping his healthy eating regime and demanding that Monica give him YAMS!

3. Jam Crackers

In an episode titled," The One with the Jam," Monica decides to keep herself busy and away from overthinking her breakup with Richard. So, she starts to make tons of jam.

She ended up making too much thus leading Joey, who seemed to be the only one excited with the excess jam, devising a new recipe – yeah, jam crackers!

2. Turkey

Almost expectedly, this was made most famous on the show during Thanksgiving season. It is the  eighth episode of the fifth season, which is titled, "The One With All The Thanksgivings."

In a scene that especially went on to become iconic on TV for its hilarity, Monica wears a whole uncooked turkey over her head. This freaks Joey out, but most importantly got Chandler to accept her apology.

This turkey-head concept was – and, still is – so famous that the show went on to merchandise it!

1. Feet Trifle

Last but not least is Feet Trifle, a special dessert created by Rachel after Monica, who is the only good cook, encouragingly allows her to do it.

Now, you'd know that Rachel is no good in the kitchen, but this episode totally shoved her under. While preparing the dessert, Rachel's go-to cookbook is stuck together, and she ends up creating a delicacy that is half of a trifle, and half of a shepherd's pie.

Voila, the birth of the Feet Trifle (name credit: Ross)!

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