Apart from making healthier food choices, we must also prepare the well chosen ingredients correctly to extract maximum nutrition from them. In fact, if prepared using healthy cooking techniques most of the ingredients sustain maximum nutrients and flavor without needing unreasonable quantities of fat or salt.

Many people frown at the thought of eating healthy as most of us associate healthy eating with fancy cooking techniques, expensive ingredients, and complex cookware. However, all this is merely a myth and the fact is that just by using some of the basic cooking techniques you may turn your meals as healthy as the ones that are prepared using cooking methods most of us dread!

Cooking food using healthy cooking techniques not only preserve the nutrients but also the flavor of the ingredients, turning your everyday meal to a platter of nourishment. Read on to know about these healthy cooking techniques that you must adapt to sustain a healthy life.

  • Baking is a pretty smart cooking choice where you may easily control the quantity of fat used as many baked preparations not necessarily require fat to be added to the food.
  • Braising is helpful to give a lovely texture to the prepared dish and along with some lovely sauce, the dish turns out to be more flavorful and nutrient rich.
  • Broiling and grilling allow fat from the food to drip away.
  • Poaching is such a generous and lovely cooking technique that needs you to stay calm and patient. But in the end, it is certainly worth the wait.
  • Roasting is a lot like baking but at a high temperature, where you again get rid of a lot of dripping fat. You have to be careful to roast the food correctly so that it reaches the correct internal temperature without either leaving it under or over cooked.
  • Sautéing is a quick method to cook small pieces of food. A non stick pan can be used to saute food without needing any or less quantity of fat. This method is helpful to cook deliciously flavored preparations with a lovely crust over the food ingredient.
  • Steaming is the easiest and for many of us the healthiest of all the cooking techniques as it requires not even a single drop of oil.
  • Stir frying retains quite a lot of nutrients as the cooking period in this cooking technique is quite short.

Apart from that, you must choose fresh herbs and spices to improve the taste, aroma, and nutrition of the meals prepared using these cooking techniques. Use the fresh and flavorful herbs, chopped hot peppers, citrus juices to the dishes and experience a burst of flavor in your platter.