Cooking with kids: 10 easy and fun recipes to prepare at home with the little ones

Quick and genuine appetizers, alternative desserts and doughs to share with small young chefs: we have chosen 10 recipes, let’s try.

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Have you decided to cook something delicious together with your children? The little ones can have a lot of fun without taking risks in the kitchen through simple, tasty and obviously delicious recipes. Quick and genuine appetizers, alternative desserts and doughs to share with small young chefs: we have chosen 10 recipes, let’s try.

How many times have you heard: "Mum, dad, let's prepare a nice snack together" and you didn't know how to answer? If you are thinking of spending some time in the kitchen with your little ones and you don't know where to start, if you are looking for simple and tasty recipes to cook in company while having fun, you are definitely in the right place. Between sweet and savory recipes, children can really try their hand in the kitchen in many ways, bring tasty and delicious dishes to the table without ever getting bored. We have chosen 10 recipes, all very simple and super fun; down with boredom!

10 recipes to do with the kids

1. Potato smilies


A very easy and very fun side dish to prepare, potato smilies are an excellent idea to engage your children in the kitchen and bring a simple but good dish to the table. The potatoes must be cooked for a few minutes in the microwave oven, in this way you can crush them and easily get circles: then leave it to the imagination of the little ones who will certainly not disappoint you. Watch out for cooking, frying is up to you, but alternatively you can also use the oven.

Potato smiles

2. Animal pancakes


Your kids don’t want to eat fruit? Don't worry, animal-shaped pancakes can come to your rescue. A delicious recipe to prepare with them, to make them have fun in the kitchen and to find out if they will become great pastry chefs when they grow up. Pancakes are very easy to prepare, excellent to eat and above all a great idea to spend time together and enjoy an alternative snack. Follow the recipe and you won't regret it.

Animal pancakes

3. Tiramisu without coffee


Who said tiramisu without coffee is not tiramisu? How to prepare it creamy and delicious just like the proper recipe and make it suitable even for the little ones for whom the caffeine is not so good? We tried this simple recipe, we proposed it to our children and they had a great time soaking the ladyfingers in the cream of milk and cocoa. Fasten your aprons: with children it is easy for chocolate to get a little bit everywhere in the kitchen.

4. Caramelized apples


A dessert with American origins that is simple and fun to prepare: caramelized apples are not only good but also definitely beautiful to look at. It will surprise you to notice how much your little ones will have fun with the food coloring and the sugar glaze; although covered, apples are always the protagonists and, with this recipe, perhaps your children will begin to appreciate fruit.

5. Chicken with corn flakes


A simple and tasty second course like chicken with corn flakes could not be missing from the list of recipes to make with your children. Chop the chicken breast and let the little ones to bread and cover it with crunchy corn flakes; it will make them happy and sure you will bring a delicious dinner to the table.

Chicken with corn flakes

6. Broccoli balls


Everyone knows: broccoli and children don't get along, yet perhaps there would be a way to make them taste and love them. Have you ever thought of preparing delicious broccoli balls and doing it together with your little ones? Preparing broccoli balls is always a good idea and it is much more fun if done together. Try the recipe and maybe broccoli may no longer be a taboo.

Broccoli balls

7. Pizza hands


Everybody likes pizza but children really love it: the comfort food par excellence, a way to make the whole family happy and perfect for playing in the kitchen with the little ones. Kneading pizza hands is definitely an antidote to boredom for little chefs and using your hands as a mold is a really fun idea. In the kitchen imagination is important and children certainly have a lot of it.

Pizza hands

8. Bread balls


Crumb, eggs, milk and lots of good will: your children will never want to stop kneading these delicious bread balls. With their hands, the little chefs will prepare perfectly round balls, a simple dish that will satisfy young and old and will help you spend an afternoon together in the name of taste.

9. Chocolate rolls


A delicious dessert, fun to make and good to eat: if your children want to prepare a delicious snack, the chocolate rolls are just right for you. A simple and genuine dough, a chocolate cream to spread and a few minutes of cooking: the rolls will help the children to spend time having fun in the kitchen and the mothers will thank regardless of the confusion and flour that could fly anywhere.

Chocolate rolls

10. Sausage flowers


A savory pie or an appetizer based on brisée or puff pastry: the sausage flowers are fun and easy to prepare, a perfect recipe for cooking with children. To make them, you don't need to be an expert cook, your imagination and a pinch of manual skills will be more than enough, things that children certainly don't lack.

Hot dog flowers

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