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Creamy Cucumber Salad: an old-fashioned potluck recipe packed with flavor

Total time: 15 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 8 people
By Cookist

This creamy cucumber salad is a much-loved favorite side dish to serve at potlucks, picnics, and barbecues. Made with refreshing cucumber and red onions tossed in a richly creamy sour cream dressing, this fantastic old-fashioned salad is light, crisp, and so easy to make.

Cucumbers are a great ingredient to make use of during the summer when it's hot. The veggie is incredibly refreshing, and its satisfying crunch is an excellent partner with all sorts of summery dishes like barbecue and grilled meats. Serving creamy cucumber salad at your next get-together will surely put a smile on everyone's face – it's a nostalgic dish folks adore.

Creamy Cucumber Salad Ingredients

Any cucumber variety works in this recipe. English cucumbers are a favorite, but some folks prefer Persian cucumbers.

Red onions impart a wonderful mild onion flavor to the salad, as well as plenty of crunch.

To make the signature creamy dressing, you'll need sour cream (you can use Greek yogurt or mayo as a substitute), white vinegar, fresh dill, sugar, salt, and garlic powder.

How to Make Dressing for Creamy Cucumber Salad

This creamy, tangy dressing goes so well with the refreshing, crunchy taste and texture of cucumber and red onion. To make it, pour the sour cream, vinegar, fresh dill, sugar, salt, and garlic powder into a bowl and whisk it to combine. Feel free to taste it and adjust any seasonings to suit your palate.

How to Make Creamy Cucumber Salad

To assemble the salad, mix the cucumbers and red onions with the dressing, then cover the bowl in plastic wrap and pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Chilling the salad allows the flavors to merge, which will make it even tastier!

Can You Make Creamy Cucumber Salad Ahead of Time?

You can prepare your creamy cucumber salad a few hours before you plan on serving it. If you have a big day of cooking ahead, you can whip up the dressing and prep the cucumbers and onions without combining them about two days in advance.

Tips for Old-Fashioned Creamy Cucumber Salad

For a healthier version of this creamy cucumber salad, use Green yogurt instead of sour cream.

No sour cream? Use mayo or half-and-half instead.

Mix in other additions like cherry tomatoes, avocado, or bell peppers.

Swap the dill for mint, basil, or fennel, or use your favorite creamy salad dressing. Ranch dressing is always delicious.

Serve your cucumber salad within a few hours of making it to prevent it from becoming watery. You can also remove the cucumber seeds or use a seedless cucumber.

What to Serve Creamy Cucumber Salad

Creamy cucumber salad is a staple side dish to serve at barbecues, potlucks, and other big gatherings. It goes fantastic with traditional BBQ mains like grilled chicken, fried chicken, baby back ribs, bratwurst, sausages, and hot dogs. It's just as tasty with vegetarian options like portobello burgers, black bean burgers, and vegetarian sausages.

How to Store Creamy Cucumber Salad

Creamy cucumber salad will last up to one week when refrigerated in an airtight container.

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cucumbers, thinly sliced
3 cups
red onion, thinly sliced
1 cup
Sour cream
1/2 cup
White vinegar
1 tbsp
fresh dill, minced
1 to 2 tbsp
White sugar
1 tsp
Garlic powder
1/4 tsp
kosher salt to taste


Place sour cream, vinegar, fresh dill, sugar, salt, and garlic powder in a bowl.

Stir to combine.

Fold in cucumbers and red onions.

Mix well to coat.

Wrap in cling film, then refrigerate for at least 2 hours.


You can peel the cucumbers or leave them skin-on.

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