• Dark Chocolate 400 grams
  • Cream (to be whipped) 360 grams (1 cup and ½)
  • Hazelnut cream 150 grams
  • Chopped hazelnuts 75 grams
  • Hazelnut pralines 6

The cups with chocolate and hazelnut cream are an easy and tasty dessert, to be prepared in a short time to delight and surprise all your guests. The recipe is very quick; just form your cups with balloons dipped in chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Once cooled, the cups will be filled with a soft and delicious cream made with a mix of whipped cream and hazelnut cream, enriched with crumbled pralines. An ideal dessert for the summer that both adults and children will love; also excellent for a delicious snack. So let’s see how to make them really easy and fast.

How to prepare the cups with chocolate and hazelnut cream

Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave oven (1). Dip the underside of a balloon inflated in chocolate and sprinkle it with chopped hazelnuts (2). Pour a small amount of chocolate on the parchment paper and place the balloons on it, so they will remain in position (3). Let them cool.

Whip the very cold cream with the electric whisk. Add the hazelnut cream (4) and mix it with the whipped cream. Chop the chocolates with the knife, add them to the cream and mix (5). Pierce the balloons with a pin and remove them. Fill the chocolate bowls with the cream and decorate with the hazelnut cream and the pralines. Your cups with chocolate and hazelnut cream are ready to be served (6).


You can preserve the cups with chocolate and hazelnut cream in the refrigerator for 1-2 days well covered.