Denmark Store Sells Expired Products And Gets So Popular That It Has To Expand Business!

In Denmark, one of the most common methods of curbing food wastage is reselling expired products. Albeit unusual, this has proven very effective. A grocery store that mainly sells such expired food products has made headlines as it accomplishes success and opens a new branch to cater to its fast-growing customers!

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The Danish grocery store is called Wefood; it is located in Copenhagen, but now it boasts of a new branch in the district of Nørrebro. Wefood is staffed by volunteers with all earned profits donated to charity.

Despite their good work, many may question the ethics behind selling expired food items.  However, the store's operation is backed by Denmark laws, which states that expired goods can be sold as long as they pose no damage to human health and are advertised openly.

As regards this, Wefood's project leader, Bassel Hmeidan, asserts that every product sold is first examined to ascertain safety.

"We look, we smell, we feel the product and see if it's still consumable", he said.

Local supermarkets and food industries generally donate expired goods to Wefood where they are sold at a discount of about 30 to 50 percent discount.

Plastic waste vs food waste – sometimes the two are in direct conflict. There is nothing straight forward about the #zerowaste movement especially when you consider economic barriers like @zerowasteguy posted about recently 😔 I finally got to shop @wefooddk one of the first surplus grocery stores. Everything in the shop is donated from retailers, most likely destined for incineration because of incorrect labelling, damaged packaging and so on. It’s all totally edible and safe according to Danish food standards- just not of value to the seller any longer. The majority of stuff is wrapped in plastic though! 😱 Well, with approx 1/3 of all food produced going to waste, I can’t help but think it’s better to shop here – plastic and all – then shun the plastic wrap all together. All products are 30-50 % off, all proceeds go to charity and of course it’s all saving perfectly edible food from getting tossed out 🍠🍑🍌🍏🍒🥒🥬🥔🥖🥨🍳🍩 Keep up the great work @noedhjaelp and well done to all the companies using this great shop to keep their excess from going to waste. A few I spotted on my visit include @mikkellerbeer @costumedk @bobedredk @urtekram @irmadanmark • . . . #foodwaste #nowaste #merewefood #wefood #nørrebro #copenhagen #ecofriendly #wonkyveg #reduce #reuse #recycle #charity #food #supermarket #sustainable #sustainableliving #shopping #foodshopping #eco #greenlife

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The DanChurchAid, an organization that primarily aims at eradicating poverty, runs Wefood. Conquering hunger is one of the organization's primary initiatives, and they found that one smart way to do that is to optimize wasted food.

Wefood therefore, mainly generates profits for the organization. They state that the money is used for "emergency aid and social protection schemes as well as projects promoting agro-ecological production".

While doing this, they secondarily tackle climate change as the reduction in food wastage leads to a subsequent decrease in greenhouse gases released into the earth's atmosphere.

Overall, the Wefood store is not your typical grocery store, but its operations come with many benefits, so why not?!

Image credits: Wefood Nørrebro

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