For those who are just starting to make some dessert trying recipes with few ingredients is the best solution, but this is a good solution also for those who have little time and who hate to accumulate ingredients in the pantry. So let’s see the quick and easy recipes, which you can make with just a few things, bringing a dessert with guaranteed success to the table.

If you think of desserts, do you immediately think of those multilayer cakes with decorations and additions of all sorts? What if we told you that there are excellent desserts to make using just few ingredients? Pastry, in fact, is not all sugar and meringue roses; starting with desserts made with two or three ingredients is the best way to get closer to this greedy world. So let’s see 7 ideas to experiment even if you have very few ingredients available.

1. Quick chocolate pudding

Milk, cornstarch, and milk chocolate; these are the only 3 ingredients you will need for this chocolate pudding. A dessert that everyone loves and which, in this version, is prepared in no time. The chocolate pudding can be divided into single portions and garnished with whipped cream and mint, or made in a single mold. An interesting and equally simple variant, for those who do not like chocolate, is that of ricotta pudding.

2. Japanese cake with 3 ingredients

The Japanese cake with 3 ingredients is an exquisite and very quick to prepare dessert. A simplified version of the japanese cotton cheesecake, to be made only with spreadable cheese, white chocolate and eggs. A delicious and soft cake that melts in your mouth.

3. 2 ingredients pancake

The 2 ingredient pancakes are a light, protein and low carbohydrate variant of the classic Anglo-Saxon traditional recipe. To make them you will not need milk, flour or butter, and not even sugar, but only eggs and bananas. Perfect for Sunday breakfast and also suitable for those who want to stay fit. Fill them with a berry jam, maple syrup or whipped cream, for the sweet tooth, and it will be an unforgettable breakfast.

4. Chocolate cake with 3 ingredients

Hazelnut cream, chocolate biscuits and white yogurt; that's all you need for this delicious chocolate cake. A cake made without flour, without yeast, without butter and without eggs; the preparation is very fast and you can serve it for breakfast, but also as a dessert. If you are among the most greedy ones, a tuft of whipped cream will complete the dessert.

5. Coconut and cocoa balls

An easy recipe suitable for children, coconut and cocoa balls. An inexpensive and very quick recipe, to be made in advance and without cooking; ten minutes of work and a wait of about two hours are enough to prepare them for the balls to stabilize by cooling in the refrigerator. This is also a gluten-free dessert that makes it ideal for those who suffer from celiac disease.

6. Ricotta mousse

A truly irresistible and elegant dessert, ricotta mousse is perfect for when you have guests for dinner but little time to prepare the menu. With ricotta, ladyfingers, cream and sugar you will make a surprising dessert: garnish it with fresh seasonal fruit, chocolate chips or some colored sugar, for the little ones.

7. Puff pastry shells

With puff pastry you can really do everything, so it is always good to have a roll available. Here we suggest you this simple recipe of stuffed shells, excellent for breakfast, but you can also indulge yourself with other preparations, such as cannoli with chantilly cream or swirls with chocolate chips.