The feelings of guilt are not the only consequence that we carry after the binges of these holidays. Swelling, heaviness, heartburn and sometimes even a few extra pounds, are the signals that our body sends us to remind us that we have exaggerated. But the good news is that in order to purify ourselves, there is no need to resort to extreme diets or fastings: in fact, we can ask for help from some plants with highly detoxifying properties. Experts say that purification is a real must for phytotherapy. ​​After the Christmas excesses, after exaggerating with very seasoned and highly caloric food, to get back in shape you can rely on some special plants that stimulate the excretory organs of our body, organs such as the liver, intestines, kidneys, skin and lymphatic and connective tissue, to eliminate the accumulated toxins.

Purifying plants

Before sowing, the farmer tills and plows the land. He or she prepares it to welcome a new cultivation. Let’s imagine our body exactly like a soil to be cultivated: to start the new year, to feel more fit and to be at the best of our potential, we can purify our body and free it from all the accumulated toxins. And nature can really help us. The best purifying plants are the artichoke, the dandelion and the fumaria officinalis. Each one of these plants acts in a special way on some of our internal organs to stimulate some functions such as emptying the intestine, or the work of the gallbladder or even diuresis of the kidneys.

Artichoke, dandelion and fumaria: the plants of purification

Let's start with the artichoke: it is the liver plant par excellence. In fact it protects the liver cells and it is also able to lower cholesterol levels. To fluidize the bile we have the dandelion instead: It is a diuretic substance and it is also able to exert a very gentle action on the intestine, regulating its activity. Then we have the fumaria officinalis, which owes its name to the smell of smoke it gives off: this is a particularly intelligent plant, capable of stimulating the activity of the gallbladder only when it is necessary. In practice, it only works when it must. Particularly suitable for purifying the intestine are mallow and marsh mallow: they are two plants rich in mucilage and they are capable of re-educating and protecting the intestine. And then there is the birch, whose qualities were already known in Ancient Rome: It is a purifying and draining plant. It is also widely used to combat cellulite because it has an important purifying action on the connective tissue. Be careful, however, because birch contains salicylates , therefore those who are allergic cannot take it. Finally, a warning: all these plants are very rich in potassium, so you must be very careful to take them in the quantities indicated by your doctor or pharmacist, to avoid experiencing blood pressure drops.

The detox herbal tea to drink all day

Those who want to start the new year by purifying their bodies must do nothing but prepare this very good detox herbal tea recommended by the experts. The necessary ingredients are: 20 grams of dandelion, 20 grams of chicory root, plant with diuretic and regularizing properties of the intestine, 20 grams of mallow in leaves, 20 grams of birch in leaves and 20 grams of fennel, useful for eliminating gases and giving a good flavor of herbal tea. Boil a liter and a half of water, add 5 spoons of the mix of herbs to the first boil, simmer for about 2-3 minutes and then turn off the flame and let it cool for another 10-15 minutes. After this time, everything must be filtered and it can be kept in a glass bottle. We can maybe drink a hot cup in the morning, on an empty stomach, and then take it with us to work and drink our herbal tea throughout the day. To have a good detox effect, it is recommended to take this herbal tea for at least 15 days in a row.