The dishwasher is commonly used to wash dirty pans and pots, dishes, cutlery and glasses, and it is very convenient for those who do not want to wash everything by hand. However, very few people know that the dishwasher can be used in a thousand other "alternative" ways besides the classic ones. It provides powerful splashes of water at high temperatures, and they are capable of killing germs and leaving objects perfectly clean, even those that have nothing to do with the kitchen.

According to a guide created by the Good Housekeeping Institute, to take full advantage of the dishwasher potential, with it you should also wash caps, plastic toys, hair brushes, rubber flip-flops and even toothbrushes. For best results the ideal thing is to position the dirtiest things in the lower part, precisely at the point where the hot water splashes come out, and set the disinfectant program. As if this was not enough, the dishwasher can also be used to cook food such as fish or potatoes.

Just do not insert the soap, wrap the foods in aluminium foil and start the dishwasher: the result will be perfect, just as if that dish had been steamed. In short, it seems that the dishwasher can really be used in a thousand different ways, even if most of us would never have imagined it. Of course, it is a bit strange to put objects that are not related to the kitchen inside it, but it is the perfect solution to disinfect everything without getting too tired. At this point you just have to try: for sure you will be impressed by the final result.