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How Many Different Types Of Sponge Cake Do Exist?

In these cakes, a well-beaten and carefully folded egg white is the sole ingredient that aerates the cake. Here are the many varieties of sponge cakes.

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Read on to know about many varieties of sponge cakes!

Sponge cakes are foam-like and very light cakes that are prepared by the extensive whipping of egg whites. It usually does not have butter, except for chiffon cake. This type of cake gets its foamy structure from the heavy beating of the egg whites, which create several air pockets.

Many sponge cake recipes don’t even require baking soda or baking powder to leaven the cake. In these cakes, a well-beaten and carefully folded egg white is the sole ingredient that aerates the cake. Here you are the different varieties of sponge cakes you can make.

Chiffon cake


Chiffon cake is moist, airy, and has a melt-in-your-mouth feel to it. It is relatively sweet and contains a generous amount of oil but no butter is added. Baking powder can be used to give it an extra rise and a finer texture.

Hot milk sponge

A bit rich, moist, and with a fine texture, this hot milk cake is not very sweet. Milk and yeast are added to this cake preparation to add richness, finer crumb, and help the cake to rise.



It is very light, a bit dry, less sweet, and served as a part of a dessert preparation along with other components. Little butter is added to make it slightly rich but no amount of baking powder and baking soda is used.

Ladyfinger or biscuit

This ladyfinger cake is light but relatively dry. It is prepared without using any butter, oil, baking powder, or baking soda.

Angel food cake


Angel food cake has a light and fluffy texture with pure white crumbs. It is quite moist, sweet, and prepared without using any baking powder, baking soda, butter, oil, or egg yolks.

Nut sponge

Nut sponge cake is also moist, flavorful, light, and has a nubby texture. It is medium sweet and may contain ground nuts. This cake contains no baking powder, no baking soda, no butter, and no oil.

Feather or daffodil sponge


It is light, moist, and has a golden color. It is medium sweet and prepared without adding any baking powder, baking soda, oil, or butter.

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