Drinking a lot of water is good for health but few people know that it also promotes weight loss. Consuming about two liters each day would in fact stimulate the metabolism and burn the excess kilos.

The dreaded “swimsuit test” is quite closer and there are many persons who have tried every type of diet in order to lose the excess kilos and boast a perfect body at the arrival of summer. But few people know that it would be enough just to drink a lot of water to get back in shape. It is a daily habit that is not only good for health, but it also eliminates fats.

In fact, water is able to accelerate the metabolic processes that promote the consumption of fat reserves, reducing those small imperfections due to sins of gluttony. This was confirmed by Nicola Sorrentino, an expert at the Sanpellegrino Observatory and professor of Nutritional Hygiene at the University of Pavia, who stated: "In the scientific literature the role of water in activating thermogenesis is evident, that is the production of heat from the body with energy expenditure, a thing that helps to lose weight ". In particular, drinking at least two glasses of water at room temperature three times a day in conjunction with meals would increase the metabolic rate by 30% and the results are even more incredible if the drink is consumed in larger quantities.

When ingested, the body takes water from 22 degrees to 37 degrees, allowing it to burn fat in men and carbohydrates in women. It is no coincidence that when you are dehydrated your metabolism becomes much slower. The best thing is to consume about two liters of water a day, even if the daily needs can vary from person to person. The water is calorie-free, it reduces appetite and it is very good when you intend to lose a few kilos without much effort.