It is not news that water is good for beauty, but did you know that drinking before eating can also help you lose weight? In fact, water reduces the sense of hunger and metabolizes excess fat.

It is well known that water is an excellent ally in diets to help eliminate excess fluids and therefore to reduce the unsightly effects of cellulite; drinking a lot also helps to keep the body hydrated, and as a result the skin has a more compact appearance, also avoiding post-holiday desquamations. But did you know that drinking water on an empty stomach can help you lose weight?

Drinking before meals in fact helps to increase the sense of satiety and to calm down hunger: water is often recommended by dieticians to reduce appetite before main meals and avoid bingeing, but it is also an excellent solution  when during the day you want to munch on something not too healthy like industrial snacks with too many calories. Water can therefore help you in your diet to avoid ingesting too much fat and too many calories that would put your weight loss path in difficulty; drinking plenty of water can also help you to metabolize excess fat. Choosing water instead of carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices and sugary drinks can also be good for our diet: with water, in fact, you introduce fewer calories than with other drinks.

A good mix that can help you lose weight is that made of water and lemon: the pectin fibers contained in the lemon in fact help to lose weight, and vitamin C and potassium strengthen the immune system. What happens if we do not drink enough? In addition to not hydrating the body, the diet is affected: when the water level is too low, in fact, it increases the desire to eat foods like chocolate, desserts and sugary foods that will inevitably ruin your figure. For a perfect water-based diet you will need to drink an abundant glass of fresh water before each meal and prefer foods rich in water such as chicory, eggplants, zucchini and asparagus.