This is commonly described as the most of the day. While it isn't scientifically proven, there is no denying that feeling that you can do anything having been fuelled for the day.

You can choose to make a traditional meal for yourself and your family if you're with them. This may include bacon, eggs cooked in your favourite way, pancakes, muffins, a bowl of fruit, waffles and cereal. If there are leftovers, keep them refrigerated.

The key to enjoying breakfast is adding a unique twist so that it feels anything but like a normal one, although you only have simple ingredients available to cook.

Such specialties may include preparing tasty deviled eggs, eggs Benedict, a muffin casserole or a fruit pie.


If you're self-quarantined, there is a high chance that your trips to the grocery store are limited which means you want to manage the foodstuff you have.

However, this shouldn't keep you from enjoying lunchtime. For lunch, prepare something delicious with essential ingredients like sardines, eggs, meat, veggies, tomato and pasta.

A bowl of pasta goes along with just about any side of sauce you may already have in your fridge. Otherwise, cook tasty soup filled with veggies and meat of any kind to go with rice or toast.


It is nighttime, and you made it through another full day of staying indoors. Don't let the boredom of the day or the anxiety of news of the pandemic stop you from enjoying a comforting meal before bed.

Spruce things up with a delicious meal like Sam Sifton's Japanese-style tuna noodle salad or Melissa Clark's tuna and white bean gratin. If you especially love beans, you have to try Ali Slagle's one-pot rice and beans as well as her two cheesy bean bakes.

If your favourite dinner meal is pasta, then try Alexa Weibel's creamy chickpea pasta with spinach and rosemary and Sue Li's creamy turmeric pasta.

Make these meals extra special by bringing out a bottle of wine. Whether it is cheap or pricey, thus can help you relax and ultimately get a good night's sleep.


Bake to while away time. From muffins, cakes, and bread to regular cookies or pies; any baked product can come in handy for breakfast or snacks while reading or watching movies.

While preparing food, make sure you practice good hygiene. Alongside staying home to flatten the curve, good hand hygiene, at all times, is vital to help beat the coronavirus.

Stay safe!